ALBUM REVIEW : Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend

Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend Album Review

Wolf Alice release their third album on the 4th June, you will not be surprised to hear that it will take you on a journey before leaving you in a wonderful place. The album opens with “The Beach” that will draw you with a pulsing before the amazing soft vocals of Ellie Rowsell, with the continuing build up of music in the back ground, building the emotion around the vocals. This is the perfect opening song for the album as it gives you a small introduction of the softer approach in the music of Wolf Alice. “Delicious Things”, is a beautiful song lyrically about a person been away from home and not having the same confidence in their self, the song takes you to Los Angeles and meeting strangers and not liking the new feeling from the new city. Feeling they are glad to be here but it is a lot different from what she is used to back home. The more you listen to the song the more you will feel the ground in emotion from the lyrics.

Lipstick on the Glass”, is a standout track from the album with Ellie’s superb vocal ranges lifting the hairs on the back of your neck up, before the very catchy chorus “Yeah I know it seems surprising when there’s lipstick still on the glass And the full moon rising but it’s me who makes myself mad I take you” once you listen to the song, it will just bounce around your head. Next up is the excellent second single off the album “Smile”, focuses on the Ellie’s self confidence, with going back to Wolf Alice heavier grunge style, it is a song with various layers and breakdown and strong and personal lyrics “It serves me better than to swallow in a sedative I am what I am and I’m good at it And you don’t like me well that isn’t f*&king relevant”, it is a very powerful song and you can see why it was the second single off the album.

Taking the tone down with this interesting acoustic “Safe From Heartbreak (If you never fall in Love)” is a delightful song with a sight twist in the lyrics with great harmonies. “How Can I make It OK” is a very relaxing song quite trance like with the music and stunning vocals from Ellie. Just sit back and enjoy the music it is just remarkable. “Play the Greatest Hits” is the shortest song on the album but have a more punk vibe and very up temple that matches the power of the vocals. It really tears the album apart but after a few listens you can see why it fits in well. The music level drops down to a very emotional and personal song “Feeling Myself”, you can feel and hear the emotion in the song and with very strong lyrics the passion explodes with strong and powerful lyrics as “Let’s explore the space Cos I’ve been moving in circles though my love doesn’t take any shape” and “Keep my name on your lips Let the double L feel like a kiss”, once you sit back and listen you will feel the atmosphere created within the song.

The Last Man On Earth”, is a masterpiece, it has everything emotions, harmonies and beauty with the passionate vocals of Ellie and the energy from the band’s music. No words can explain the depth to this song nor the passion in it. The only thing to do is give it a listen and you will be filled with the waves of emotion.  “No Hard Feeling”, the second last song on the album and also the third single that was released from the album. To close the album, we return to the beginning with “The Beach II”, this is a song you can sit back to and listen of dream days on the beach with the sun in your face. It is just stunning.

Blue weekend from Wolf Alice captures every emotion and enhances them x 10, the album is strong and powerful with beautiful lyrics and beautiful vocals. If there is one album this year that can brighten up every sort of day, Blue weekend is the album.

Review by James Edmond 

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