DMA’S return with the album of the summer full of passion and emotion, perfect for taking the doom and gloom out of isolating.  Sydney’s trio released their third album “The Glow” and featuring their own style of indie from down under influenced by the Britpop of the 90’s.

With 4 singles taken from the album including the album title “The Glow”, “Silver”, “Life is A Game Of Changing” and recent release “Criminals” gives you the ultimate taste to what the album is all about.

This is far from complete as the album gives you more, packed with hit’s that will have the new listeners to the band wanting to squeeze every second out of the album, with excellent lyrics from Tommy O’Dell backed by Johnny Took and Matt Mason the band are on top form.

Opening with “Never Before” that hooks you in on a journey with its upbeat tempo and takes you back to Britpop era of the 90’s,  giving the album the perfect foundation to explore the world of the DMA’s. The opening track is followed by the first three singles “The Glow”, “Silver” and “Life Is A Game of Changing”, giving new and old fans the chance to relax, listen and explore the journey of The Glow in its full glory.

The album takes you on a journey from in your face indie rock to deep emotion with track “Strangers” through their recent single “Criminals”. The Glow, from the DMA’s has something for everyone to dip their toes into and offers lots more from hit after hit.

The Glow should stand proudly in every music collection alongside the likes of the Stone Roses and The Charlatans. You can see and hear the development from the bands previous two albums, growing at a steady pace and giving old fans the music they love and new fans a building block to hop on and enjoy the journey of the music of the DMA’s.

The album closes full of emotion from “Appointment” starting with acoustic and gradually building up with superb vocals and arrangements, will be a sure classic from the band. The album finishes in the perfect way with the excellent “Cobracaine” bringing the album altogether with stunning arrangements and the superb vocals form Tommy O’Dell.

This is the perfect album that can sit proud in any record collection.

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