ALBUM REVIEW : Pale Waves – Who am I?

ALBUM REVIEW : Pale Waves – Who am I?

Since the release of the album, it became the go to album on repeat during lockdown. The album is just positive and brings a warm and happy feeling through you from the opening verse, with its upbeat and addictive sound, the Manchester quartet have the world in the palm of their hands.

We have all taken time to refocus during the past 12 months and reflecting life in general, this album guides you through the tougher moments and makes you realise that life is too short to worry.

This 11 track album will have you listening time and time again, with the amazing vocals from Heather Baron-Gracie, a voice of an angel and with this album she has gained her wings.

Opening with the excellent “Change”, tis like the starting pistol for a whirlwind of 11 tracks that will leave you feeling on top of the world. With hints of the female pop punk icons shinning through Heather has dug deep with emotion to put her own mark on the female icons of pop punk scene.

Stand out tracks include “Fall to Pieces”, She’s My Religion”, “You Don’t Own Me” & “Easy”, there is not one weak track on the album, it runs perfectly from start to finish with great production. The album shows the dark side of depression and other ongoing mental health conditions. The album is a clear eye opener, really lets you dig deeper into the lyrics, feeling the emotion that’s gone into the writing process.

Moving away from the deep lyrics, from depression, to exploring and understanding your own sexuality, the music just blows you away from the talent musicians behind Heather, Ciara Doran, Hugo Silvani & Charlie Wood, giving the explosive sound and vision of the Pale Waves music.

This is an album you won’t turn off, tune in to any of the online streaming services that are hosting the album and give it a play, you will not be disappointed. This will help you to stop over thinking things and focus more on you.

Review by James Edmond 

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