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You can contact us through our e-mail by submitting your details below we tend to reply to all messages within 24hrs of receiving your message.

Let us know about your new releases , albums, EP;s and anything we may considering publishing on our website and social media pages.

If are you are looking for us to review / photographs any of your up and coming shows please give us min of two weeks notice.

We look forward to listening to your music and seeing you live in concert.

    Important information

    If you are looking for us to attend one of your shows what we require:

    A Photo Pass if photo only.

    A Review Pass if you are looking for your set to be reviewed.

    If you require both we will need two passes on the night to cover the show.

    We will have a 4 day max turnaround on reviews and photographs.

    Scottish Music Network will own all the rights to the photographs.