ALBUM REVIEW : James – All The Colours Of You

Album Review – James – All The Colours Of You

James releases their 16th studio album with “All The Colours of You”. This remarkable album is not just one for fans of the band but it is a welcome to the world of the music of James. The album is full of emotion from happiness to sadness. It will not disappoint you it is a gem at the top of the tree.

The album opens with “Zero” with the opening line “We’re all going to Die!”, it is a slow tempo that gradually builds to capture the essence of the song with everything that is going on in the world due to the pandemic and lockdowns. As the tempo of the song enhances the emotion in the song really takes shape, blooming a beautiful song. “All the Colours of You”, the first single and title track is going to be a fans favourite at live shows, it is the perfect anthem to get the party going with a catchy chorus. It has an American political standpoint running through it. This does not take away from the song in any instance. “Recover”, is a very strong song written during the time of painful emotions and grief. This is a personal song to Tim after losing a family member. It is a powerful song; it grips you and leaves nothing to the imagination.

Looking back at the California wildfires the next song captures this with “Beautiful Beaches” a song that will stick in your mind all day after listening to it. You will be singing “We will take our chances”. it is a very positive song about how the people raced down to the safe area which was the beaches. A remarkable song, this is one I think will feature well on the live scene. Next up is “Wherever It Takes Us”, a disco type tempo that will have the feet tapping and moving along to Tim as he is doing a spoken word before the classic chorus. “Hush” is just spine chilling, a beautiful song with glorious lyrics and shows the vocal range of Tim Booth.

Miss America”, is a song that is looking through the eyes of a beauty Queen looking at the wrongs the country has don and repeatedly mentions “man with a tan” and “love of guns” in the lyrics. A beautiful song filled with mood and bitterness. “Get Myself Into”, the band go wild with the use of synth and drum machine. “Magic Bus” follows the electric with pacey beats, that has foot tapping and danceable. It is a little different from what you would expect but has something dark there that stands out. “Isabella”, a stunning gothic like and dark dance track that is dark and just a new style of a James anthem. The album closes with “XYST” bringing the end to a remarkable album from Manchester’s own James, 16 studio albums and the band and Tim Booth still bring a lot of surprises out time and time again.

This is an album I would recommend to be in your collection that is with all the other 15 albums. They are superb and never seem to grow old. There is always something fresh you will find within the lyrics of the songs and will come out of the blue, then revive your love for James

Review by James Edmond

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