About Scottish Music Network

We started off in the spring of 1998 as a paper-based fanzine based around Scottish music and The Alarm and its members. The fanzine was called “Scotland Calling” with a fan base worldwide due to the related articles on The Alarm and its members. We wanted to support unsigned and signed Scottish artists and bands. After the first 3 months of the fanzine running, we had 500+ subscriptions and the demand was becoming high for the zine. We had a meeting and after 8 months the fanzine became live on the World Wide Web. Since the enhance of the internet we were getting more and more hits and decided to drop the paper-based fanzine and go to internet only based.

During this period we had reviewed tons of bands signed and unsigned in local Glasgow venues along with CD and demo reviews. We conducted interview with many of the bands and also signed artists including Stuart Adamson, Billy Duffy, Dave Sharp, Wayne Hussy, Craig Adams to name a few. During this time the webzine was expanding.

During 1999 we got asked by Dave Sharp would we like to put on a Glasgow show for him and the Hard Travellers in Glasgow, We book King Tuts for him to play and a Fan club show in Glasgow’s Bourbon Street which was on the following night from King Tuts show. Both shows went well with thanks to a few folks of the Nemis Group helping us out with contacts for poster printing and having them distributed throughout the city on the bill boards. This was the first shows we had promoted and throughout the years this was not the last.

During 1999 Coloursound was born a venture from Billy Duffy and Mike Peters that toured the country and the USA in 1999 and 2000. After their first shows we had a sister fanzine “Unofficial Coloursound Fanzine “which during the band’s first Ireland show in Galway we handed out 200 free copies to the cult fan club and other members in the audience and was a great success as gave the fans something to get signed after the show. Due to the band not taking off the way they should have, we closed the Coloursound fanzine.

During the summer of 2005 Scotland Calling had a name change this was due to web name purchase that we could not obtain and so Scottish Music Network was born. We continue to promote music and new music from around Scotland and further afield. This will be noticed on our website and offer our team to go out and review your shows or photography them. The same goes with unsigned bands we offer the same service to the same standard as signed bands.

If you are interested in having your bands reviewed & photographed in concert or album or EP get in touch with our team. All reviews and photographs will be featured on our website along with photographs from your show, these will be circulated through our social media for you to use and share. All we ask for in return is you give us credit for the review and photographs and share our posts related to you with your friends.

25 years on from where it first started off, we are still continuing to build and support New Music in Scotland and beyond.

Scottish Music Network