ALBUM REVIEW: Baby Chaos – Ape Confronts Cosmos

Glasgow 5-piece return with their fourth studio album “Ape confronts Cosmos”. The album explodes from the first song and takes you on a journey with explosive guitar and beautiful harmonies, topped with the amazing vocal range from Chris Gordon. An album about breakups, relationships and getting over the past.

Baby Chaos – Ape Confronts Cosmos

Out of the Blue

Opening with a haunting medieval singing from old church days, before kicking into guitar and pounding snare drums with overlapping vocals with a megaphone sound, building into the catchy chorus that will stay with you for the rest of the day in a good way. The perfect song to start the album with, delivering power, atmospheric guitar melodies and thundering drums.

The Wild Beast

Classic acoustic guitar opening, giving the sound of a country field out in the wilderness before the band kick in with a massive rock song. Vocals that blow you away, the guitar runs just grab you into the song, taking you on a journey. The music gives an angry feel, with fast beats representing a racing pulse as the wild beast shows its face from under your skin. Stadium size vocals and massive guitars delivers the power to form this classic.

You Won, You Won

The first song to be previewed from the album, emphasises the vocal range and also gives a great insight to what you can expect from the album, foot tapping drums, vocals that cuts in to the heart, before breaking in to the passion from the guitars in the chorus, great break downs throughout the song, before dropping tempo to increasing the tempo to deliver this rock classic.

Run towards the Roar

The first single from the album, catchy guitar riff that has you dancing in your seat, with passion and anger from the vocals giving it power, with the reflection of hoping the person gets what is coming to them. Cheating and deceitful and making this a power love song, that brings emotion to the forefront with the lyrics and the passion from the music.

I belong in Battle

A beautiful song opening with classical acoustic guitar, wonderful lyrics enhanced with the stunning vocals, bring the song together with a sense of victory and happiness approaching. The song fits well in to the structure of the album without taking anything away from it. It develops and after a few listens it really holds its own from the rock anthems and stature of the previous songs.

Mouse. Lion. Mouse

A real powerful song, driving guitars, showing some of the unique lyrical quality from the band with anthemic chorus that will have a big impact live, superb harmonies from backing vocals, setting the scene for the big guitar riffs and passionate drums bringing the track to life. Can see this becoming a fan favourite through time.

Orphans on the Moon

This emphasises the band’s more commercial side with passion in the vocals delivering this masterpiece, at first listen you feel this does not belong on the album, but it is a stand out track taking the band to a different level musically and lyrically, show’s they are ready to step up to another level in their music. Can see this becoming a single, beautiful powerful chorus that will have you singing along, will be a great live track as it has all the qualities for that big live sound.

A Quiet Jubilation

The shortest song on the album, fast lyrics and great harmonies.

Everything I counted on has been proved Wrong

What a lyric “I am spinning like a satellite that has lost its Orbit”, this is a very powerful song, it has become my favourite from the album and was the first one that jumped out from the album, great guitars and pushing the chords to another level. Progressive sound that is huge, backed with the thundering drums. A real classic from Baby Chaos.

The White Witch

A beautiful ballad, great song with passion, emotion performed on the acoustic guitar, a standout track showing Baby Chaos can produce a masterpiece without the full-on band assault. When you purchase the album you will be amazed with this song, vocals are chilling and harmonies are just mind blowing, before the band kick in with a solo before the song finishes amazing touch.

Your Body is a Nervous Work of Art

A great title and a wonderful song, great build up and strong guitar riffs, a song about revenge and looking through life, you can feel the emotion with the strong lyrics. It might be on the mellow side for some fans but this shows how the band have developed and progressed. Listen to the emotion and the passion from the music through every single word and you can take what ever meaning there is to suit your everyday life.

One thousand Sorrows, One thousand Joys

A song full of emotion and encourages the listener to look to the future, classy guitars along with pounding drums to create a remarkable back ground surrounded with amazing tit for tat harmonies. Putting this altogether gives you the big sound that would not be lost in a large stadium or arena. It has the power, drive and still carries a lot of ground deep emotion. 

Cut through the Ocean

A beautiful acoustic song, about looking at weakness and seeing weakness and how to brighten up the day. A perfect end to the album, lyrically masterpiece, with the peaceful harmonies shinning through to create this wonderful song.

This album, has shown a mature side to the music of Baby Chaos, this is not a bad thing as it is still a rock album, as well as a life changing album. This will show the test of time and will be an album not just for the now but an album that you will look back on that has brought you from a dark place to where you are today.

It is emotionally brilliant how life experiences have brought this level of passion to an album and create what is an album that should be in every music lovers’ collections. Baby Chaos have taken their music to another level.

The album is out on the 6th March 2020 you can pre order here



  • CHRIS GORDON | vocals and guitar
  • GRANT McFARLANE | guitar and vocals
  • ALSHY EASTON | guitar and vocals
  • BOBBY DUNN | bass
  • DAVY GREENWOOD | drums





Album review by James Edmond  – Scottish Music Network 

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