Indie-pop artist, producer and composer Brijs shares his new single ‘Glitra’ on April 29th through FRIDAY Music.

‘Glitra’ is Brijs’ first outing as an artist for some time, working predominantly as a composer, you may have heard Brijs’ work on numerous award-winning film and TV projects for the BFI, BBC and Channel 4, as well as commissions for Mario Testino, Rankin, Kurt Geiger and Liu Jo. His talents as a songwriter and producer have also landed him upcoming collaborations with artists including Will Joseph CookGirli and Indian Askin. 

A slice of anthemic and effervescent pop, ‘Glitra’ is imbued with the spirit of an art-house coming-of-age movie. Spacious production, driving percussion and layers of textured vocals coalesce to create something euphoric that’s brimming with boundless possibility.

Having already secured a sync placement with iconic fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger with the song, Brijs describes ‘Glitra’ as an “unashamed love song to friendship”.

‘Glitra’ is the title track from his upcoming debut album, due for release later this year. The record was crafted over a two-year period following the artist’s decision to leave London and return to the countryside near where he grew up. In search of a much-needed opportunity to recalibrate and re-assess his direction, he took up a property guardianship of a dilapidated Victorian mansion called Cecil Court. The house become home to a newly formed group of friends who spent an idyllic chapter together as an inseparable gang – walking, river swimming, partying, and making music. This time creates the narrative backbone of his debut album

Speaking about the record, Brijs says: “It’s about the pursuit of yourself and your values in your mid-20s. All of the things you hear about coming of age are usually about your teens. That’s still true, but we stay younger for longer now. Your mid-20s is when you start thinking, feeling and living independently. That’s when you really start to grow into adulthood and look at friendship, relationships and ambitions differently.”

The record was produced by Rob Brinkmann, long-serving engineer of RAK studios (Drake, Royal Blood, Pixies, Clean Bandit and Mumford & Sons) and mixed and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road by Oli Morgan (Bastille, Princess Nokia). The vivid artwork for the single was painted by Brijs himself.

“All I want to do is tell a story” … Explaining his decision to release the last song on the album first, Brijs jokes: “I was thinking – what would George Lucas do?.. Here’s the destination, now stick around for the journey.” A fitting film reference to both start and end this chapter of Brijs’ life. The curtain’s about to come up on ‘Glitra’ – a musical landmark for 2020 – both an arthouse gem and a true blockbuster.


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