Wow, Mr Ross must have spent months sifting thru’ his mind tossing and turning in his sleep to come up with such an imaginative album title for his second solo long player.

After the apparent promise which came with his debut ‘ What You Are ‘, Ricky Ross appears to have taken a step back, producing a collection of 11 laidback acoustic based tracks, with the occasional synth and string arrangement dotted throughout.

If you’re into quiet, thoughtful, easy listening music then this is the album for you. It is truly solo album in that it is written, sung, played and produced by Ricky Ross predominately and released on his own label. The echo-filled ‘ On the line’, reasonably upbeat ‘ Here’s Singer‘ and ‘The Further North You Go‘ featuring his ex-wife / DB singer Lorraine McIntosh are the best tracks, but on the whole this album is a disappointment, Sure, Ross’s vocals are as strong and distinctive as ever and the songs are played well, but unless you’re an avid R.R. fan or into slow, glum music, this album will be a battle to enjoy.

Taken from Scotland Calling (Scottish Music Network)

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