CONCERT REVIEW: Inhaler – 23rd February 2020 – SWG3 Warehouse Glasgow

Photo Credit James Edmond 

A gap between weather storms on a cold night in Glasgow, as the crowds had gathered out side the venue well before doors, forming a snacking queue along the street, waiting for the door to open aiming to get as close to the front barrier as possible and get up close to the Dublin band. As the venue quickly filled you could feel the atmosphere building, and then it was time for the support band to take to the stage.

Tour support are FEET from Coventry, five piece playing their own form of alternative pop with a difference, hard to pigeonhole them as they had something different to offer the Glasgow audience. The band fronted by the energetic George Haverson, treated the Glasgow crowd to his unique stage presence and vocals, delighting the audience with songs from their debut album “What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham”.  The band had the Glasgow audience moshing around at the front of the stage, jumping along as the energy from the stage took hold in the crowd. The set featured the excellent “Hot Dog”, “Pretty Thieving” before closing the show with “Outer Rim”. The band playing the perfect warm up set,  had the crowd wanting more before the band left the stage, their guitars playing the final chord echoing around the packed venue, before the lights came up.

The venue packed from back to the front with music fans of all ages had gathered to see the headline band Inhaler from Dublin. The lights went down, the intro music faded, you could feel the electric atmosphere in the venue, Eli Hewson stepped on to the stage to greet the Glasgow audience with “Alright Glasgow”, the band assembled in their places before the opening chords of “When I’m with you”, blasted out, Eli took in the audience between verses from the left of the stage to the right. Nodding and strumming his guitar, acknowledging their presence, he had the fans at the front in awe. 

The band, not having released an album as of yet,  already sold out the cities King Tuts on a previous tour, have now sold out the SWG3 Warehouse, creating such a buzz,  you can see why with powerful songs backed with passion and energy from the band featuring Josh Jenkinson-Tansia, Robert Keating, Elijah Hewson and Ryan McMahon. As they played through “It won’t always be like this” and the powerful “Falling in”, Eli said “There is no better place to finish our UK tour than in Glasgow”, you could see they were up for a party tonight, enjoying playing to the sold out crowd that seemed to know most of the songs word for word. The band had them in their hands and taking them on a journey through their music.

The band hit a new high with the Glasgow crowd in full vocals to the bands second single “Ice Cream Sundae”, dancing along and when Eli gave them their chance to sing they took it with both hands, you could see the bands reaction they were on cloud nine. This was followed by the excellent “My king will be kind” before playing their recent release “We have to Move on”.

The young Irish band are on a different level and totally on fire at the moment with songs with great and catchy lyrics accompanied with massive guitars. They have a pedigree backbone that will see it take them to another level and bigger stages in the coming years.  The set was short but powerful, delighting the Glasgow audience.

The band finished off the set with their first single “My Honest Face” delighting the audience before they waved goodbye for now and left their fans going home happy with a warm heart, ears ringing to what was the sound of the Dublin four-piece Inhaler.

Review & Photographs by James Edmond