ALBUM REVIEW: James Blunt – Once upon a Mind

James blunt returns with one of his best albums to date, stripped back to basics, it delivers the perfect love story in this album.

The album takes you to a place where you are alone and at times a great distance from your family, this is clearly explained in the first single from the album “Cold”, the beautiful emotion and passion filled lyrics grip you from the first line. You are in a place and  position that you are missing some one close but there is a whole world stopping you being there with them. “Cold” is a letter to them, about you, showing you are not the same person with out them, to be that person it needs the two of you together.

This personal master piece from James Blunt , with beautiful lyrics backed by harmonies, passion and emotional lyrics written from the heart about his personal experiences.

The opening track “The truth”,  starts you off on the romantic journey about going to the darkest place to find that the only thing he needed and wanted was his darling. It took him on a road he didn’t want to be on to find the truth.

“Champions”, a passionate song about what a relationship could be, taking over everything with the power of two. A massive song, strong chorus and foot tapping melody.

“Monsters” is a heart-felt song, about his father who has been suffering a long illness and how the roles have changed of father and son, emotional with very strong and powerful lyrics, this is James blunt at his very best.

The album is a gem, beautifully produced with great arrangements, apart from the highlight tracks above, there is a lot more to discover from  listening to tracks “Youngsters”, “5 miles” and “How it feels to be alive”.It is good to hear James blunt recording one of his finest albums to date. Sitting listening to the songs, it draws you in making you think about your own life. This is a album that should be in everyones collection, and it is an album of inspiration through music and words.

Author: James Edmond

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