Flames rising

The law hides in fear

Cars burning

Mob surging near

It’s warm by the fire

It’s warmer by the fire

On 8th May Lloyd Cole will release ‘Warm By The Fire’, the first single from his forthcoming new album ‘On Pain’ on the EarMUSIC label. Inspired by the biblical wildfires that swept across California prior to the pandemic? The end of days warnings of Greta Thunberg? Cole won’t say. Distantly echoing the emotional sentiments of one of his key earlier compositions, ‘Warm By The Fire’ is a JG Ballard story in miniature. ‘Warm By The Fire’ is written by Lloyd and produced by Chris Merrick Hughes. Lloyd has already released a selection of mixes of the closing song on the album ‘Wolves’.

Says Lloyd“Sure, it could be a Ballard story, or it could be a discarded script. It could be a VR game the protagonist is immersed in. It could be happening, it could happen, but maybe it isn’t. Maybe it won’t.”

On 23rd June ‘23 Lloyd Cole will release his twelfth album as a solo artist. Entitled ‘On Pain’, it features eight new Lloyd Cole songs, four of which are co-written by Commotions founding members Blair Cowan and Neil Clark, who also perform on the record. The album is produced by Chris Merrick Hughes and was recorded in Lloyd’s attic studio The Establishment in Massachusetts.

Lloyd Cole has announced a UK/European tour in the autumn. The full list of dates for the ‘On Pain’ tour is:


Fri 06              NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE           Tyne Theatre and Opera House

Sat 07            LIVERPOOL                                     The Philharmonic Hall

Sun 08           DUBLIN                                             Olympia Theatre

Tue 10           MANCHESTER                                Albert Hall

Thu 12           ABERDEEN                                      Tivoli Theatre

Sat 14            EDINBURGH                                    Usher Hall

Sun 15           GLASGOW                                        Royal Concert Hall

Tue 17           YORK                                                 Barbican

Thu 19           LONDON                                           Union Chapel

Fri 20              LONDON                                           Union Chapel

Sat 21            LONDON                                           Union Chapel

Mon 23          BOURNEMOUTH                            O2 Academy

Tue 24           CAMBRIDGE                                    Corn Exchange

Wed 25          IPSWICH                                           The Corn Exchange

Fri 27              BUXTON                                           Opera House

Sat 28            COVENTRY                                      Cathedral

Sun 29           NOTTINGHAM                                 Albert Hall

Tue 31           BRIGHTON                                       Dome


Thu 02           COLOGNE                                        Tanzbrunnen

Sat 04            PARIS                                                Le Trianon

Sun 05           LEUVEN, Belgium                           Het Depot

Mon 06          AMSTERDAM                                  Melkweg

Joining Lloyd on stage will be Blair Cowan and Neil Clark as well as Glaswegian Icelandic drummer Signy Jakobsdottir.

Tickets are available from

Lloyd Cole has released 16 studio albums including three with The Commotions [‘Rattlesnakes’ (84), ‘Easy Pieces’ (’85), Mainstream (’87)] eleven solo albums [‘Lloyd Cole’ (’90), ‘Don’t Get Weird On Me Babe’ (’91), ‘Bad Vibes’ (’93), ‘Love Story’ (95), ‘Plastic Wood’ (’01), ‘Music In A Foreign Language’ (’03), ‘Anti Depressant’ (’06), ‘Broken Record’ (’10), ‘Standards’ (’13), ‘1D’ (’15), ‘Guesswork’ (’19)],  one with The Negatives [‘The Negatives (2000)] and one with Hans Joachim Roedelius  [‘Selected Studies Vol. 1’ (’13)].



“An Olympian effort of ingenious economical wordplay, Cole’s sometimes cryptic but always compelling latest is for empty-nesters mourning duty and purpose, for middle agers smote with ennui and uncertainty, and for couples battling over-familiarity.  Still, there is perfect pop here…. plus the all important smattering of Cole’s trademark archness.  A poised and expansive record… Guesswork opens up whole new worlds for Cole.” 4* MOJO

“Puttering drum machines and Blue Nile atmospherics offer a perfect backdrop for Lloyd’s elegant hi-spec misery.” Uncut

“An intellectual titan compared with his frivolous new romantic contemporaries… coming across like the Pet Shop Boys remixing Radio Gaga, albeit with more troubling lyrics..” The Observer

“…eight graceful, elegant tracks, which set his suave songwriting and instantly recognisable voice to a predominantly electronic backdrop.  It is a best-of-both-worlds scenario….no matter what the musical style Cole wears it well.”  ‘Album Of The Week’ 4* iNews

“…articulate and economical lyrically and musically….a steely sense of poise and grace carries through superbly tailored adult scenarios….it’s hard to argue against Violins and Night Sweats being among his finest ever achievements.” 4* Daily Mirror

“Even given the witty, literate company – Paddy MacAloon, Edwyn Collins, Morrissey – Lloyd Cole stood out in the 80s.  And he’s still doing it, albeit using electronics and tempering the bons mots with the odd expletive….Lloyd Cole overestimates his coldness, he’s just cool.” Record Collector

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