NEW SINGLE : Hard-hitting North Wales ‘trash trad’ punks NOGOOD BOYO set to release new track ‘NOT MY KING’ to ‘celebrate’ coronation

Wales ‘21st century Sex Pistols’ NoGood Boyo

‘celebrate’ coronation with release of new track “Not My King”

North Wales’ outspoken and unrestrained ‘trash-trad’ punks NoGood Boyo cause a splash on Friday night when they debuted new track ‘Not My King’ in the now world famous city of Wrexham.


If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you locked Enter Shikari, The Prodigy and Meredydd Evans in one room and told them to make some noise, then NoGood Boyo is the band for you. They are probably the only band with an accordion ever forced to request extra security staff and paramedics on standby as audiences smashed tables and dancefloors and tables at their recent European mainland gigs. Whatever you think about accordions and fiddles, NoGood Boyo are like no other grassroots act coming out of Wales right now.

NoGood Boyo perform live at FOCUS Wales, Wrexham

Touted as Wales’ answer to Rage Against the Machine, NoGood Boyo last night debuted new track ‘Not My King’ to an enthralled Wrexham audience at the annual FOCUS Wales music event. Injecting traditional instruments into a genre bending fusion of rap, punk, nu-metal and EDM, new track ‘Not My King’ serves up a sobering dose of reality – “Charlie spends a bomb putting crowns on his head, whilst the kids get fed from the food bank instead”.


As NoGood Boyo lead singer Beth says: “People think we’re trying to be controversial, but we’ve said nothing but facts. Food banks outnumber McDonald’s branches by almost 2 to 1. It’s f***ing criminal. If those who support the monarchy get to scream and shout about it, why do we have to smile and ignore and stay quiet? It’s not about being anti-monarchy or anti-Tory, it’s about being pro-equality and pro-human rights. If we’re anti-anything, we’re anti-bullsh*t, and everyone deserves to know why. The longer we stay quiet, the longer this circus continues.”


‘Not My King’ was inspired by the Manic Street Preachers, The Sex Pistols, and the organisation Republic, with Beth stating that those who support such organisations need to start making as much noise as possible. NoGood Boyo have never hidden away from their political or social beliefs – they also include speeches made by Aneurin Bevan in the 1940s in their performances, and Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru is featured in the video for another of the band’s tracks, ‘One Day’.


In clothes resembling a steampunk Welsh Nana, and with their music mixing traditional Welsh language songs with the sounds of ‘90s rave and nu-metal, NoGood Boyo are ready to party like it’s 1699 as they look to conquer the Welsh music industry.


NoGood Boyo take their genre-bending ‘trash-trad’ label from the purists out to stop them, and the traditional music they have proudly mashed, mixed and moulded into a 21st century sound. Their uniform consists of a boiler suit, sunglasses, and a traditional Welsh hat – seen only on biscuit tins and tacky merchandise at Barry Island until now.

They balance paying tribute to their Welsh heritage with all-out recklessness, and they certainly won’t be getting quieter any time soon.


‘Not My King’ is set to be released on all platforms on June 17th – King Charles’ official birthday celebration.


In their own words, “Go loud, or go home boyos.

NoGood Boyo – ‘Not My King’ single packshot

NoGood Boyo play the following summer 2023 live dates;


2 June                   Aberystwyth Fire In The Mountain Festival

18 June                Kent – Black Deer Festival

30 June                Southwell – Gate To Southwell Festival

14 July                  Stornoway Heb Celt 2023

16 July                  Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival

22 July                  Dolgellau – Sesiwyn Fawr Dolgellau 2023

5 August              Wickham Festival

6 August              Compton Martin – Out Cider Festival

19 August            Ottery St Mary – Beautiful Days Festival

2 September     Moseley Folk & Arts Festival

Tickets for all above shows available HERE


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