CONCERT REVIEW : Duran Duran Delivers Epic Performance at OVO Hydro Glasgow – A Night to Remember! 9th May 2023

On the evening of the 9th May, the highly anticipated Futures Past tour by Duran Duran culminated in a spectacular performance at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow. The concert was nothing short of a resounding success, with the band delivering an unforgettable experience that left their fans clamoring for more.

At the start of the night, Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, and Rodger Taylor took to the stage, and the crowd erupted in excitement. The band opened with Night Boat, which was followed by The Wild Boys and Hungry Like the Wolf. The ecstatic audience sang along, and the atmosphere was electric. However, it was the performance of their newest track, Invisible, from the Futures Past album that truly left the Glasgow audience in awe. With Simon’s captivating vocals and the band’s expert instrumentals, it was a spellbinding moment that had the crowd on their feet.

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The band continued to keep the energy high with their renditions of The James Bond Theme, A View to a Kill, Notorious, Give it All Up, Last Chance on the Stairway, and Lonely in Your Nightmare / Super Freak. The Futures Past Tour may have been coming to a close, but Duran Duran showed that their music is timeless and still has the power to bring people together.

Throughout the concert, Duran Duran showcased their impressive repertoire of iconic hits such as Is There Something I Should Know?, Careless Memories, Girls on Film/Acceptable in the 80’s, Ordinary World, Anniversary, and White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It). The audience was transported back in time with Planet Earth, but also shown the growth and maturity of their sound with The Reflex.

As the band took their final bow, the crowd was left yearning for more. The band returned for a three-song encore that had the entire venue singing and dancing along. Come Undone, Save a Prayer, and Rio were the perfect end to an incredible night. Simon even asked the crowd to light up the stadium with their phones during Save a Prayer, creating a magical moment that perfectly summed up the concert – a perfect blend of classic Duran Duran and new tracks that showcase the band’s enduring talent.

Duran Duran’s Futures Past tour was a triumph, and their performance in Glasgow showcased the band’s musical prowess and captivating energy. It was a night that left the audience buzzing with excitement and eagerly anticipating what the band has in store for the future. Duran Duran has once again proven that they are an iconic band that knows how to put on a show that leaves fans begging for more.

Review by Karen Edmond

Crowd Photograph by James Edmond 

Author: Karen Edmond

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