CONCERT REVIEW: Echo & The Bunnymen live – Glasgow Barrowland 28th April 1999

On a warm April evening we strolled in to Barrowland Ballroom to see Liverpool’s finest Echo & The Bunnymen. As we arrived we went to cool down with a nice cool pint of beer. We made our way upstairs to witness one of Scotland’s new talents in the form of Anne Christian, fast guitar playing and a good rock groove thrown in for good measure. With one album under their belts they have got something to prove to the UK music industry, they will soon get noticed.

After 45 minutes of the support slot, it was time to get ready for the main show. As the lights went down and the Intro. Music started to play; the dry ice was making its way from the stage and creeping in to the audience. The opening cords of Lips Like Sugar filled the venue to a great applause from the Glasgow audience, the image of Ian McCulloch appeared through the dry ice, in the haze you could see his swagger as he always does it seems to be becoming his trade mark. The band played hit after hit, from Seven Seas to The Cutter. With a classic version of the title track from the last album Evergreen.

As the classic Bunnymen tracks filled the venues. The audience was giving their all in this superb Bunnymen performance, this was the best I have seen them since the Ocean Rain or Dancing Horses tour of the late 80’s. I would recommend that if the band is playing near you that you should really go and check them out.

Reviewed by James Edmond

Taken from Scotland Calling (Scottish Music Network)

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