CONCERT REVIEW: Ian Hunter Garage Glasgow 27-4-99

This was to be the third time on his UK tour. I had the privilege to see Mr. Hunter, the one I was most looking forward to, as this was where I first saw him in the Old Days when with his former band ‘Mott The Hoople’.

Obviously since being a performer / musician all those years he has a vast amount of songs and styles to choose from. I think a good mixture was done; virtually the same each gig, and was compiled of some of the most commercial ‘Mott’ numbers – up until his most recent solo efforts.

He did though announce during the set that he did have new numbers due out soon, but declined to do any, and expressing his hostilities towards bootleggers on his ‘97 tour. He didn’t seem happy on discovering this.

The first number was done without Mr. Hunter, a number from his penultimate solo album, titled ‘Never Trust a Blonde’, written by guitarist Darren Bath (EX-UK Subs) and featured him on lead vocals, we agreed amongst us fans this sounded very Stones-ish and was possibly the best of the night.

When Ian came on the crowd soon settled down to listen, tracks from his early solo days, right through to his last album, another highlight being Michael Picasso, an acoustic song written about the death of his former guitarist Mick Ronson, who tragically died untimely 5 years ago.

The last song on the encore could only be All The Young Dudes, one everyone young and old present could sing along to.

For those readers who know nothing of Ian Hunter, he is an ageing rock star just oozing class; he doesn’t perform or look like his age, remarkably 60 next month. Just remember the name, if he tours the UK (he is an American citizen since late 70’s) again to promote his new album just go along and I think you’d be surprised and enjoy. It could be his last y’know; you have to call it a day sometime.

The full track list, I think in this order, was : Never Trust A Blonde, Once Bitten Twice Shy, Lounge Lizard, Just Another Night, 23a Swan Hill, Life After Death, Letter To Britannia From The Union Jack, Cleveland Rocks, Irene Wilde, Ships That Pass In The Night, The  Moon Upstairs, I Wish I Was Your Mother, 3000 Miles From Here, Honalo Ochie Boogie, Michael Picasso, Golden Age Of Rock n’ Roll / Saturday Gigs, All The Young Dudes.


Reviewed by Paul Tiggerdene for Scotland Calling / Scottish Music Network

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