Kevin McDermott – KMO – Interview

Kevin McDermott Interview with Scotland Calling (Scottish Music Network)

James Scotland Calling: – What did the band do during your break up?

Kevin:-We did several things. We had a ‘project’ called ‘Greenhouse‘ where we tried different approaches to a bunch of songs that were already written but which we felt were not KMO songs. Marco was not involved in this. Also, Jim, Steph and Marco were doing a bunch of sessions. I’m not sure which ones they’ll admit to and they’re not here at the moment so I’d best not tell you at this point or the ‘bad books’ would beckon.

James Scotland Calling: – How does the band feel about the amount of Alarm fans that are enquiring about yourselves since you support them in the states all those years ago?

Kevin:-.It’s very flattering that folk would remember us after some very brief performances. When you are opening for a band you have to do what you can in the short time allotted and hope to make some sort of impact. So for folk to keep in touch after all this time, if I’m honest, must mean we were quite good in the first place and secondly, that the Alarms fans must be a pretty discerning lot and once they’ve found something they like, pretty loyal too.

James Scotland Calling: – How did you feel after your gig at Glasgow’s George Square about the crowd’s reaction to yourselves?

Kevin: – First of all, what a grim, ugly day that was. It really is a crying shame that whenever someone tries to put on any event in this neck of the woods outdoors, the elements conspire to wreck any notion of actually having any fun.T-in-the-Park on the Sunday being another example. George Square. The fact that anyone at all stuck around at all in those conditions, particularly as the World Cup was on in the cosy, warm, dry indoors, amazed me. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have stuck around for anything less than a Beatles re-formation with a re-incarnated Lennon. Bearing that in mind, I was pleased that we were able to play for those who did stay till the bitter end. Stalwarts indeed.

James Scotland Calling :- In your own words do you think the band will ever get back to the way it was before the break up like playing Barrowland?

Kevin: – Why not? Watch local press for details. A band playing the Barrowland, or whatever, it just depends on your ability i.e. money available, to put up ‘big posters’ and use all the usual means to promote yourselves. Hype is everything. Fortunately we have the talent to back it up.

James Scotland Calling: – How do you feel about the way the Scottish music scene is today?

Kevin: – There is no scene, nor has there ever been. Once in a while little pockets of talent form but they want to keep it to themselves, therefore self-defeating in the long term. The bands from Scotland who actually make anything of themselves do, and have done, their own thing regardless of what anyone else was up to.

James Scotland Calling: – Do you think there is good music from new bands just not getting played on radio?

Kevin: – There is good music from every quarter that ought to be heard not getting on the radio. On the other hand, there is a lot of music by bands, both new and old, on the radio that is absolute tripe. So it cuts both ways.

James Scotland Calling :- I don’t know how it is for yourself at the moment about getting airplay on the radio etc but we have tried for the past 5 years to try and get Mike Peters songs played and it is just total refusing all the time, how is it for yourselves?

Kevin :- Our songs have been getting very good airplay in certain areas, but it’s very fickle, as your finding out, what’s good one day, the next day isn’t, but that’s the industry. It’s the way it’s always been.

James Scotland Calling: – When do you think we will see KMO on the road as in the UK?

Kevin: – In October hopefully. Details to follow.

James Scotland Calling: – Also for the USA fans out there do you think there will be any sort of US tour in the future?

Kevin: – I’d absolutely love to get back to the US. We are working on a deal at this moment which may facilitate just that.

James Scotland Calling: – Have you anything to say to any up and coming bands about getting your music noticed?

Kelvin: – Be good. Be lucky.

We would just like to say thank you to Kevin for taken time out, to be able to do this interview with us. All the best in the future.

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