Following on from a wave of previously shared singles including ‘Yesterday’, ‘Stay In L.A.’, ‘Rain’, ‘Actor With A Loaded Gun’, ‘Work’ ‘So Dark’, ‘Honeymoon’ and the record’s title-track, singer and songwriter Dan Croll now continues the support for his highly anticipated new album ‘Grand Plan’ with another pair of captivating offerings, ‘Hit Your Limit’ and ‘Coldblooded’.

Much like all of the releases that have come from his forthcoming full-length, ‘Hit Your Limit’ and ‘Coldblooded’ look to tell the next chapter in the story of Croll’s migration to the United States, and how he has begun to adjust to life in Los Angeles. While these new tracks both focus on relatively common troubles in everyday life, the idea of going through them in a strange and unfamiliar city is a new emotion for the frontman to tackle, giving us a raw and intimate look into the anxiety and uncertainty that fuelled this new collection.

Speaking about the source of inspiration behind ‘Hit Your Limit’, he said, “’Hit Your Limit’ is about the burn out that we all eventually feel at some point in our lives. It’s inevitable we’ll all experience it, even more so if we lead busy lives or live in a big bustling city. In this instance a friend of mine fell ill, and whilst the inner hypochondriac thought it was some deadly disease I had to reassure them (like friends and family still have to do for me) that it was just exhaustion. They’d simply hit their limit, and needed rest.”

Adding his thoughts about ‘Coldblooded’, “’Coldblooded’ is about the breach of trust. When I moved to L.A. I needed to find somewhere to live, and I ended up finding a place on craigslist. It was a two bed I shared with another guy, and I was set to spend the years there. I was excited about settling somewhere as I’d been bouncing around in Airbnb’s and craigslist sublet before this one. Only four or five months in the flatmate took the place from right under my feet. I felt conned and I couldn’t believe how cold-blooded someone would have to be to do that kind of thing.”

The album, ‘Grand Plan’ chronicles the 12-month period starting in February 2018 when Croll decided to up sticks and move to Los Angeles after the realisation that he might be becoming restless in Liverpool. Over the ensuing 12 months Dan turned his experiences into 20-odd songs, eventually whittling them down to a solid dozen chapters. Then, in spring 2019, he spent a month with the estimable Matthew E. White in Virginia bringing to life the songs in the inimitable Spacebomb country-psych-soul style. Each song tells a story, in narrative order.

Croll introduced us to the first chapter of the album ‘Grand Plan’ at the start of 2020 with the release of double a-side singles ‘Yesterday’ (an ode to opportunities missed whilst being mentored by national treasure Paul McCartney) and ‘Stay In L.A.’ both recounting the beginning stages of a seismic shift in his life and the decision to relocate halfway round the world. After the release of his second album ‘Emerging Adulthood’, Croll, like many in the latter half of their twenties, questioned the very fibre of his being; career; relationships; life choices; future; so he upped sticks and moved to L.A. and hasn’t returned. The resulting transition to life in California, going back to basics with his songwriting and taking inspiration from the music that truly inspired him (James Taylor, Burt Bacharach, Joni Mitchell), many of which are part of Laurel Canyon’s musical heritage, bore the musical fruits which formed his new record and a new era for this prolific songwriter. 

Speaking about the experience and his return to the music scene Dan explains, “The past two years have been a rollercoaster, starting from scratch, alone in a different country, but I’m so happy to have come out the other end with this collection of songs. Feels great not only to be back on the music scene, but to be doing it with songs that I finally feel represent the influences and music I truly love.”

Recently Dan launched a live stream companion to accompany his regular weekly ‘Special Delivery’ playlist. Taking place on his instagram live, it’s a live listen along, where Dan plays some of his favourite tracks, old and new. The radio-show style live stream is a window into the inspirations behind the new record, broadcasting live every Sunday from his LA home studio.

Over the course of recent weeks owing to the worldwide lockdown Dan Croll has reignited the ‘Dial Dan’ hotline – for those needing a mental escape during quarantine. He’s accepting calls / texts / WhatsApp audio and messages from all over the globe every Monday.  Already it’s seen some wonderful interactions with fans around the world. Check Dan’s social media for hotline hours – why not get involved and Dial Dan on +1-323-304-1701 

In response to the global pandemic Dan Croll has rescheduled his live dates to September 2020.  See Dan Croll live:


8 Sept – London – Oslo, Hackney

9 Sept – Paris – Hasard Ludique

10 Sept – Amsterdam – Cinetol

11 Sept – Berlin – Curfew Bar

16 Sept – New York City – Rockwood 2

18 Sept – Los Angeles – Gold Diggers


Tickets on sale from www.DanCroll.com


Pre-order ‘Grand Plan’ HERE – http://dancroll.lnk.to/grandplan





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