NEW SINGLE : ARDZ – Drop’s New Track and Video ‘New Disease Apocalypse Please’

Drops Video for New Single 
‘New Disease, Apocalypse Please’

Released through indie label
Sea Munch Music

London based rock ‘n’ roll troubadour, Ardz is releasing his first video ‘New Disease, Apocalypse Please’ at noon on Friday 21st May 2021 through his YouTube channel.
An artist who takes inspiration from the world inside and around, Ardz reflects his life through his powerful, guitar-driven, poetic rock songs. 
Unsurprisingly, ‘New Disease, Apocalypse Please’is about the Coronavirus pandemic we’ve all been suffering through. Conceived, written, and recorded during his COVID19 job furlough period earlier in 2020, the song addresses the discontent of the situation and the response to it; from being attached to our screens for any information to questioning the value of wealth over our health. It’s a call for collective responsibility to ensure that any humanity ending inevitabilities are properly addressed and handled better in the future. 

The ‘New Disease, Apocalypse Please’ song and video have both been a true pandemic project, and aims to be a snapshot of how many have felt during 2020/21.
Ardz recorded and arranged all the instruments and vocals himself at his home studio ‘Spare Room Studios’, and worked with industry award nominated engineer Matt Parisi (Studio Chimp) to mix and master the record, as well as improve the drum track too.

The track, released through indie label Sea Munch Music, is available for listening on all the main streaming platforms.
Listen to ‘New Disease, Apocalypse Please’ here: on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music/iTunes, Deezer, Napster)

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