CONCERT REVIEW: Twin Atlantic – Motherwell Concert Hall – 3rd March 2020

Twin Atlantic // Photo Credit Katy Cummings

Tonights venue is situated in Motherwell a town some 15 miles outside Glasgow . An unusual venue perhaps for a Glasgow based band doing 4 dates in Scotland but none in Glasgow itself , however this did not make one jot of a difference though, the Concert Hall was a 1600 sellout on a chilly Tuesday night. My 22 year old son who has seen Twin Atlantic before ,tagged along with me and commented that even he felt old tonight.


Support tonight were Bloxx a four piece whose home town is given as Uxbridge a suburban town West of London. They describe themselves as an alt rock / Indie pop band which describes them perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed their set as did the crowd , many of whom sang along to songs such as ‘ Coke ‘ , ‘ Novocain’ , ‘Headspace ‘ and ‘You’ all self penned by the band ably led by vocalist and guitarist Ophelia (Fee) . The rest of the band made up of Taz on guitar, Mozwin on drums and Paul on bass. A great set by a pretty darn good band , I will watch out for them in the future.

Ophelia – Guitar/Vocals, Taz – Guitar, Paul – Bass and Mozwin – Drums

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Twin Atlantic

An almost hometown gig for Twin Atlantic and from the moment they arrive on stage to the moment they leave , the crowd go mad.

Vocalist Sam McTrusty struts around the stage singing his heart out to every single second of every single song and extremely impressive he is too. Opening track ‘ Novocaine ‘ has the crowd singing from the off , and they continue through ‘Volcano’ ,’No Sleep ‘ and especially during ‘Hold On’ .The high tempo of this band is incredible , they are extremely energetic and barely stop for breath. The announcement from McTrusty about being from Glasgow is met with cheers but a bigger cheer is reserved for guitarist Barry McKenna who we are informed comes from nearby Hamilton. The band have so many good songs to choose from and ‘Yes I was drunk’ , ‘Ultraviolet light ‘ and ‘Edit me ‘ all get outings tonight . This band are no ‘One man band’ each member contributes equally whether its vocals or a mean guitar from McTrusty or equally as mean from McKenna on lead guitar , or Ross McNee on bass or Craig Kneale on drums , each plays a part in this bands huge sound. 90 mins has flown by and there really is only one song that can be last, get the switch on the generator flicked on for ‘Heart & Soul’ the anthemic signature song for Twin Atlantic , the perfect song to end a perfect night of music.

Ive genuinely never seen a crowd of young people sing every word of every song for 90 mins, but it happened tonight , a huge round of applause to all involved.

Sam McTrusty  – Vocals/Guitars, Barry McKenna – Guitar, Ross McNee – Bass and Craig Kneale – Drums

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Review by Craig Cooper

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