CONCERT REVIEW : The Mission – Barrowland Glasgow – 16th April 2022

The Mission – Barrowland Glasgow – 16th April 2022

After a long two years wait The Mission return to Glasgow to play in their spiritual home once again,  a city they have performed in many times over their long career, from the glory day of Gods own Medicine through to Children and Carved in Sand, the band have packed the venue to the rafters. After postponement’s due to Covid 19 the band are back in the city.

Tonight, as the crowd flooded back to the venue it was good to see The Rose of Avalanche grace the famous stage, playing the dark sound that stood out back in the day, was nice to see the band perform the likes of Too Many Castles in the Sky and In the Tank. Philip Morris vocals sounding great as they were back in the day when John Peel was praising them highly. The band still carry a great Stage presence from Paul James Berry with his hat, taking in the Glasgow audience while wandering around the stage and then you have Alan Davis sporting the Berrie and looking ready for a full-on assault at the Glasgow audience with his guitar in hand.

They had the crowd singing along to their big hit LA Rain from the off, their set was powerful, and they certainly turned a few heads like they did many years ago while supporting The Mission back in the day. It was certainly pleasing to see them perform again. The band took a great round of applause for their set from the Glasgow audience as they left the Barrowland stage.

It was time for the Mission to return to the famous stage, as the lights went down, and the dry ice filled the stage, the bands intro songs created the mood for the show. This show was two years in the making due to cancellation throughout the recent pandemic, tonight was going to be special, as the stage spotlights became search lights shining on the band’s logo backdrop.

As the first glimpse of the band emerging from the rights of stage through a mist of dry ice, they greeted the fans as the noise levels increased tenfold. As Craig Adams, Simon Hinkler and recruit Alex Baum took their places. Wayne Hussey standing in front of the drum kit, guitar in hand delivered the opening chords of Beyond the Pale, the energy within the room was passionate with excitement, their heroes were ready to perform a show that they had waited for which felt like a lifetime ago. Tonight, was not about a band playing a show, tonight was bringing fans and band together as one, through voice and energy.

The band performed a brilliant opening with Serpents Kiss and Neil Young’s Like a Hurricane that had the whole venue rocking. The crowd were eager and up for anything that Wayne and the band could deliver. Glasgow was doing both the band and it self-proud tonight in full voice singing word for word to every song.  Wayne said the next song was one that both Simon and he had grown fond of playing during the tour so far, the 2016 new song Met-Amor-Phosis fitted in little a missing piece of the jigsaw within the set bringing old and new together perfectly.

Tonight, was certainly blowing the cobwebs off the bands kit, this was an energetic performance that was creating more mission memories within the venue. As the band performed the atmospheric Garden of Delight before the epic performance of Severina, the set was like a tornado that was slow moving taking in the entire venue and with a fast pace. The band was on fire, you could see by the expression on Craig and Simon’s faces they were enjoying every moment.

Slowing things down a little with the classic Butterfly on a Wheel, created such an intense atmosphere with the energy of the band transferring through the Glasgow audience, it was a time to take a breath as the song builds to its climax, hand raised a loft from the front of the venue to the back, the stage lights created silhouettes of the audience as they beamed across the Glasgow crowd. The lights dim on stage gave an eerie glow, the Glasgow crowd gave a massive round of applause for the storming version of the song. The noise from the audience reduced as Wayne plays a short solo introduction to Wasteland. The trance version steadily built before Wayne exploded into the famous riff as the band went full throttle into the song, the loyal fanbase had the front of the venue filled with confetti into the air, creating a beautiful display capturing the moment between band and fans. Teasing the fans with Sister of Mercy’s Marian before bringing the set to a close with the excellent Deliverance had the traditional fan on shoulders dancing along with the band. As the song ended Wayne reached down to the front of the stage and checked to see how much wine he had left looking at the fan on the shoulders he throws the bottle with the remaining wine to the fan who caught the bottle. You could see with the reaction of Craig Adams he was delighted with the set as he punched the air to celebrate, leaving the left the stage everyone knew they would return.

After a few moments the band returned to perform a three-song encore including Grotesque and The Crystal Ocean,  closing the set with a full assault with the awesome Tower of Strength that had the venue in full voice,  as the song ended the band said their goodbyes after having delivered a powerful set capturing the decades of the Mission’s music. The band had planned this venture over the past two years, they have now carved their name in stone in the Barrowland history.

Reviewed by Karen Edmond 

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