CONCERT REVIEW : The Silencers – SWG3 Glasgow 23rd December 2023

As anticipation filled the air, a crowd of enthusiastic fans gathered outside the iconic SWG3 venue in Glasgow, eagerly awaiting their chance to enter and experience the highly anticipated traditional annual festive hometown show by none other than The Silencers. The energy surrounding the venue was intense, with a contagious buzz of excitement enveloping the atmosphere. This particular night held a unique charm, setting it apart from previous years yet enhancing the thrill and anticipation that coursed through the veins of every fan present. With the release of their latest album, Silent Highway, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to soak in the fresh sounds and melodies that would grace the stage tonight. As the doors finally opened, granting access to the eager attendees, the atmosphere intensified, reaching a crescendo of exhilaration and anticipation.

The opening act of the evening featured The Dazes, a talented two-piece band known for their remarkable harmonies. Their captivating performance left the Glasgow audience mesmerised as they skillfully delivered a repertoire of powerful songs. One particularly memorable moment was their tribute to Shane McGowan, who skillfully performed a rendition of his timeless classic, “A Fairy Tale In New York.” The band’s rendition of the song was nothing short of exceptional, captivating the audience with its raw energy and emotive delivery. As The Dazes brought their short set to a close, they were met with resounding applause and enthusiastic approval from the grateful Glasgow audience.

As the lights dimmed in the venue, the highly anticipated moment arrived for The Silencers to grace the stage. With the band assuming their positions, the audience eagerly awaited the first glimpse of Jimme O’Neil in his element. The show commenced with a powerful rendition of the crowd-favourite “Letter From Saint Pauls,” featuring a captivating spoken word performance by Aura O’Neil. This electrifying opener served as a catalyst for the rest of the performance.

The band seamlessly transitioned into “Painted Moon,” a timeless track that captivated the audience with its infectious melodies. Following this crowd-pleaser, The Silencers treated their devoted fans to a timeless classic, “I See Red,” which further intensified the atmosphere in the venue.

In a testament to their versatility and creative growth, the band introduced several new songs from their latest album, “Silent Highway.” One standout track was the irresistibly catchy “Whistleblower,” which had the entire audience enthusiastically singing along. Another highlight was the emotionally resonant “On High,” which struck a chord with concertgoers and further showcased The Silencers’ ability to connect with their fans.

During a brief interlude, Jimme O’Neil shared an anecdote about Aura rediscovering a previously recorded demo and seamlessly integrating it with their new material. This newfound gem, “Sunnyside,” seamlessly blended with the rest of the performance, complementing the overall energy and reinforcing the band’s commitment to delivering top-notch music.

Now it was time to create an electrifying atmosphere as the band performed their beloved songs at the venue. Jimme introduced the first song, “Scottish Rain,” cleverly referencing the weather in Glasgow that day. The crowd enthusiastically joined in, dancing and singing along to the infectious beats. The energy of the evening continued to soar with the band’s captivating performance of “Razor Blades of Love,” captivating the audience from the front to the back of the venue. This event was truly a remarkable celebration, with both the band and their fans cherishing every moment of this unforgettable performance.

It was now time for the highly anticipated fun hits section, showcasing fan favourites such as Sylvie, Partytime in Heaven, and the exceptional I Want You, which featured an impressive drum solo by Baptiste Brondy that captivated the Glasgow audience. Jimme concluded the set with Bulletproof Heart, prompting the crowd to enthusiastically join in singing. Just when it seemed the song had reached its conclusion, the audience continued to sing, prompting the band to join in and bring the song to a satisfying close. The band then thrilled the crowd with a song titled The Real McCoy, dedicated to Glasgow.

Jimme graciously informed the Glasgow audience that the band would forgo the tradition of going on and off stage for an encore in order to save time and maintain a seamless performance. The audience responded to this announcement with a round of applause. They proceeded to commence this segment with the title song of their new album, “Silent Highway,” beautifully sung by Aura. The live rendition of this song showcased its remarkable growth, and the vocals were truly exceptional. The band concluded their set with the electrifying “I Can Feel It,” causing the energy in the venue to escalate as the crowd fervently joined in. They concluded their performance with the outstanding “Wild Mountain Thyme,” a song that was once featured in Scottish Tourist Board advertisements. As the band wrapped up their set, they bid farewell to the Glasgow crowd with a wave of gratitude.

Tonight’s performance by the band was an extraordinary event, captivating both the audience and the musicians themselves. The show featured an array of new tracks from their superb album, Silent Highway, along with timeless favourites. Jimme and the band delivered an impeccable performance from beginning to end, leaving the fans exhilarated as they ventured into the Glasgow night. If given the opportunity, do not miss the chance to experience The Silencers live, as it promises to be an exceptional evening. Alternatively, highly recommend acquiring a copy of their outstanding new album, Silent Highway.

Review by Karen Edmond 

Photographs by James Edmond 

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