KIM WILDE O2 ACADEMY GLASGOW 13th September 2022


80s blonde bombshell turned TV gardener finally blasts back into Glasgow on her Greatest Hits tour after a couple of call offs, but the army of fans were treated to a show to remember.

Opening for Kim on this tour is the 80s popsters China Crisis.  The duo from the Wirral near Liverpool had the majority of their success in the mid-80s, and their half hour slot showcased most of their bigger hits, including Christian, Wishful Thinking, Black Man Ray and King in a Catholic Style.  A lovely warm up for the main act, the band were well received.

And on to the headliner.  Kim Wilde was born in 1960 and is the eldest child of 50s rocker Marty Wilde.  She first tasted chart success in 1981 with a run of chart singles, and ended the 80s back on the top end of the charts once again.  12 top 20 hits in the UK Charts firmly established her as one of the country’s top female acts and she continues to produce new music to this day.  This tour though is all about the hits and fans would be treated to a show including all the big numbers and a few lesser-known singles.

Opening with Rage to Love, the band take to the stage with Kim dressed in black and red leather, looking very much the star she was 40 years ago.  Never Trust a Stranger, the 1998 top 10 hit followed, with the singer showing she still has power in her voice.  More singles came as the band worked through the set.  Cant Get Enough (of Your Love), the Bee Gee’s hit If I Cant Have You, covered by Kim in 1993 and more recent single Kandy Krush before the first of the big original hits Water On Glass, her third single from 1981. The smiles on the face of the singer were echoed by the crowd, gathered in the old O2 Academy on the southside of Glasgow.

Four Letter Word, Cambodia, Chequered Love and another cover, The Supremes’ You Keep Me Hanging On concluded the first act.  After a short break the band returned to the stage for a three-song encore of Pop Don’t Stop, the 1988 smash hit You Came and the song that started it all, 1981’s debut hit Kids In America, which met with a huge Glasgow roar of approval.

This was another great night of 80’s music, keeping nostalgia buffs more than happy.  Kim Wilde was a big deal in the 80s and with the resurgence of 80s music down to festivals like Rewind and Lets Rock, it’s a chance for fans of the old artists to see their favs once again and relive the good old days.  Wilde still has that presence on stage, she can still sing, still looks the part and her band, which includes brother Ricky and niece Scarlett can belt out the old music and make it sound as good as it ever has.  Definitely a great night out, Kim Wilde is still worth seeing. 

Review and Photographs by Stephen Wilson 

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