CONCERT REVIEW : Pale Waves – o2 Academy Glasgow 6th March 2022

Pale Waves – o2 Academy Glasgow 6th March 2022

A cold winters day in Glasgow, clear skies as the temperature falls in the city. I am sure this will not be noticed tonight in the o2 Academy where the rescheduled Pale Waves show rolls in to town. As the queue of fans snakes around the front of the venue, fans eagerly waiting to collect tickets at the box office, the excitement was evident amid the chatter and smiling faces of those outside the venue patiently waiting to enter.

Opening the show tonight was the excellent female fronted Bitters, without a doubt the perfect opening band, a good few fans in the audience to cheer them on, they really turned a few heads with their sound, a band that fitted well on the bill. Playing a short opening set, creating a real buzz with the crowd, an excellent warm up for the fans coming in from the cold outside.

  • Bitters - o2 Academy Glasgow 5th March 2022
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Next up was Manchester’s Hot Milk, the four-piece duelled fronted band really shot with both guns from the word go, with Female Han and Jim taking in every part of the stage, their music resonating with the assembled crowd. Opening with the excellent Split Personality, they had the crowd hooked from the word go, their unique ability to connect with the fans, ensured a captive audience was there for the taking from the first chord. The harmony between the two of them was amazing, the energy they produced was on another level from a band that was growing in stature, this was definitely a band to watch out for as they know how to put on a show.

The band currently promoting their new single, I Just Wanna Know What Happens when I’m Dead, delivered a powerful set including their latest single. The Glasgow fan base were in good form singing along with the songs, stand out tracks from the band included their new single were I Think I Hate Myself, Glass Spiders and the excellent Candy Coated Lies. It was almost that time,  the end of their set was nearer, perfect choice with Awful Ever After  was received with great applause, finish the set with leaving their guitars still screaming on the stage floor before the lights went down. This is a band you need to see before they go on to a whole different level they have the attitude and the energy to grow their stage performance in to something spectacular.

  • Hot Milk - o2 Academy Glasgow 5th March 2022
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Next up it was time for Headliners Pale Waves to take to the stage, currently out promoting their Who am I? album, the crowd, were warmed up and ready to party . The Manchester four piece fronted by Heather Baron-Grace, Ciara Doran, Hugo Silvani and Charlie Wood are creating quite a stir with their new album.  The Glasgow audience, crammed into the iconic venue were eager to enjoy an evening of music, those who’d arrived early were ready and waiting at the front for an up-close glimpse of the band. This was it, party time, intro music began, the stage lit up, the band in full view, opened the set with the excellent Change that had the audience singing word for word back to the band.

The energy created between the audience and band was electric from the off. The excellent stage presence of Heather dominating the venue with her presence, excellent vocals set the stage a light. The crowd dancing from the off were treated to songs from both album My Mind Makes Noises and Who Am I?, enjoying the mixed choices of old with new, the set progress to great delight of the Glasgow crowd. Storming through the opening of the set featuring Television Romance, Eighteen and Tomorrow, the venue now in full voice for the epic Fall to Pieces.

The band had the Glasgow audience in their hands as they treated them to excellent versions of Odd Ones Out, Wish u Were Here, and Jealousy. I was surprised she could hear herself sing as the crowd was singing at the top of their voices. Heather dancing and capturing every person in the first few rows of the crowd with her eye, bringing the set to a close you could see the emotion in the band as they played The Tide before closing with Easy. As the band left the stage everyone knew they would return, the atmosphere in the venue was electric a common occurrence often associated with Glasgow Barrowland.

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  • Pale Waves - o2 Academy Glasgow 5th March 2022

As the band made their way back on stage it was time to take the show to another level and this they did with ease,  the excellent She’s My Religion, had the crowd singing at such a height you could hardly hear Heather’s voice.  Heather and the band said their goodbyes, waving and smiling at the vast crowd, before closing the show with the excellent There’s a Honey before leaving the stage.

The Pale Waves tour came to an end tonight, but they will be back out on the road again soon, they are a band that will please all music lovers with their catchy sound and excellent sing-a-long lyrics.

Review by Karen Edmond

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