CONCERT REVIEW : McFly – Barrowland Glasgow 8th November 2023

On a rainy night in Glasgow, the atmosphere in the east end was tremendous as McFly fans flocked to see their favourites at the renowned Barrowland. Regardless of the weather, the anticipation was exciting as people waited in queue outside the historic arena. The air crackled with excitement as they made their way inside, eager to immerse themselves in the amazing experience of a McFly performance in the heart of Glasgow.

Kerr Mercer, a local artist, opened the show tonight, captivating the audience with his passionate performance. Kerr’s powerful voice boomed throughout the Barrowland venue, beginning on the piano and eventually transitioning to the acoustic guitar, leaving the audience in awe. His standout song, “Jealousy,” packed with real emotion and passion, captivated the hearts of those in attendance. Despite the fact that his set was brief, Kerr Mercer left an indelible impression on his hometown audience.

As the night’s major support act, Lostalone, a 4-piece rock band from Derby, delivered an exciting performance. Their straight rock n roll, directed by the charismatic Steven Battelle, had the Glasgow audience dancing and thoroughly engrossed in their powerful approach. Standout tracks like “Unleash the Sands of All Time,” “Hostages (Destiny),” and “Crusaders” highlighted their energy and gripping rock nostalgia, reminiscent of artists like The Darkness. However, Lostalone added their own distinct flair, attracting the Glasgow audience and acquiring a few hundred new admirers. The band finished their concert with the fantastic “The Last Drop Of Forever,” confirming their impressive and unforgettable performance.

As the Village People’s “YMCA” blared across the PA system, it was finally time for McFly to take the stage. The anticipation rose as the back wall of lights wonderfully displayed the lettering in time with the music. The band emerged to a tremendous ovation from the Glasgow crowd as the lights went down, signalling the start of their Power to Play tour. McFly got the fans going with the electrifying “Where Did All The Guitars Go?” Tom Fletcher captured the excitement by engaging with the audience from both sides of the stage, while Danny Jones commanded the central microphone and Dougie Poynter rocked the opposite side. The Glasgow audience was left in amazement after gripping performances of “Land of the Bees” and “One For The Radio,” notably the wonderful duet between Tom and Danny.

The band’s thrilling songs such as “God of Rock & Roll,” “Lies,” and the enthralling “Route 55” had the entire audience singing at the top of their voices. This evening was extremely remarkable, as the band displayed their impeccable skills and gave an incredible performance. Throughout their set, the band relished every minute, appreciating the banners proudly exhibited by their devoted fans near the front of the stage. The explosive atmosphere within the venue added to the band’s pleasure of the night. With crowd favourites like “Star Girl” and “Obviously,” the band effortlessly pleased the audience, even though their renditions of “Not Alone” and “All About You” were cut short owing to a slight crowd issue. The band continued to thrill the audience with the immortal classic “Shine On,” and the addition of Lostalone singer Steven Battelle joining them on stage was a highlight. The set ended with a spectacular performance of “Red,” which left the audience speechless as the band gracefully exited the stage.

After a brief interval, McFly triumphantly returned to the stage, beginning off their act with audience favourites “Forever’s Not Enough” and “Honey I’m Home.” The audience was actively engaged, and a wonderful atmosphere pervaded the venue. As the evening came to a close, the band produced an incredible performance of their legendary single “5 Colours In Her Hair,” which brought the house down. The band said goodbye to their adoring fans and exited the stage to a loud shout from the Glasgow audience. This truly unforgettable night of music, in which both the band and the audience worked in one, will live on in our memories for years to come.

Review & Photographs by James Edmond

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