CONCERT REVIEW: Anti Flag – The Garage Glasgow – 7th February 2020

Anti-Flag // Photo Credit James Edmond 

A cold and wet night in the city with the forecast of Storm Ciara on the horizon it didn’t seem to be putting off Glasgow fans as they gathered outside the venue waiting on doors opening, shivering as they made their way in to the venue to await the opening band of the night.

Maid of Ice are four sisters from Hasting, a full-on punk set with outstanding vocals from lead singer Alison Cara Elliot backed by her sisters delivering a blistering set of guitars and thumping drums, that delighted the Glasgow Audience. Combining aggressive music with pitch perfect vocals with strong lyrics set the sisters on a different level from most of the other UK punk bands in their class.  Capturing their audience, entertained them, leaving them wanting more. Superb opening act which blew away the cobwebs around the venue, for what is going to be a blistering night of music.

Next on tonight’s bill was The Creepshow from Burlington, Ontario, Canada, bringing their psychobilly show to Glasgow. The 5-piece band complete with double bass, the band’s name on the reverse in blood red. Hitting the stage in a whirlwind, delighted the audience with their in your face stage presence, lead singer Kenda covering just about every inch of the stage. Grabbing the Glasgow audience with her awesome vocals, capturing their attention with her stage presence. Before she jumps in to the crowd performing the set from the floor of the venue as band members look on, giving the venue security a lot more than their monies worth. The Glasgow audience loving every minute of it. A short set but really warmed up the audience before the headline band,  If you haven’t  seen The Creepshow,  catch them at a venue near you as they will not disappoint.

As the stage cleared, the roadies sorted out the stage for Anti Flag with their 2020 vision tour back drop and the words Anti and Flag displayed on the front of the amp at either side of the drum kit. The stage was set, playing the Clash, it was time to welcome Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania boys to the stage. The lights dimmed, as shadows appeared on stage, the opening chords of Christian Nationalist had the Glasgow chord in a frenzy with young and old coming together to celebrate the bands 30 year history. The American Punk band fronted by Justin Sane, covered every inch of the stage with stage jumps and delivering a powerful vocal along with bass guitarist Chris No.2 delivering the heart beat to the music and powerful stage presence, hitting the bass with intent and capturing the audience’s imagination with his dominating stage presence. The band on tour with their new album 2020 Vision, arranged a set with new songs from the album, Hate Conquers All stands out from the new album before the Glasgow crowd were treated to some classics including Brandenburg Gate and Die for the Government. The show was stopped after the first couple of songs, to allow a bit of pushing at the front of the crowd, alerted to the stewards by Chris No.2 and was sorted as the show continued.

A short set but with a three band bill, the audience were treated to a great night of music from start to finish, leaving the audience buzzing after three remarkable sets from the UK, Canada and the United States of America. A night when old and young fans came together to take in the music and leave with their ears buzzing, hearts pumping and a night to remember in Glasgow.

If you get a chance to catch Anti Flag on this tour don’t hesitate, you will not be disappointed. The band will also be playing the annual Punk Festival Rebellion in Blackpool in August.

Review and Photographs by James Edmond