Maisie Peters – o2 Academy Glasgow 17th October 2023

The o2 Academy in Glasgow was bustling with excitement as fans rushed to grab the best viewing place to witness Maisie Peters’ stunning performance on the opening night of her highly anticipated Good Witch Tour in the UK. The intensity was contagious, and you could definitely feel the excitement in every corner of the venue. It was a beautiful celebration of music and the ideal occasion for Maisie’s loyal fans to witness her extraordinary skills up close and personal.

Gretta Ray from sunny Australia, who is spreading her musical magic throughout the European leg of the Good Witch tour, is up first tonight. The Glasgow audience couldn’t have greeted her more warmly as she walked to the front of the stage with her infectious smile. She grabbed the audience with her magnificent voice from the first note, beginning with the gorgeous Upgraded. Gretta commanded the entire stage, making eye contact with the early birds who had come to see her play. Every song, from Dear Seventeen to You’ve Already Won, was a treat, but Love Me Right definitely stole the stage. She undoubtedly won over the hearts of the audience, acquiring a slew of new fans in the process. Gretta exited the stage to a huge ovation after concluding her concert with the upbeat Don’t Date The Teenager, leaving everyone with a pleasant mood that persisted throughout the night.

As the anticipation grew within the venue, it was finally time for Maisie Peters to grace the stage. The atmosphere was electric, buzzing with excitement as the audience eagerly awaited her performance. As the lights dimmed and the intro music started playing, the crowd erupted in full voice, belting out the lyrics to The Proclaimers’ iconic anthem, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).” This collective singing from the audience only intensified the energy in the room.

With the end of the intro, Maisie’s band took their positions on stage, setting the scene for her much-anticipated appearance. The opening chords of “The Good Witch” filled the air, captivating the Glasgow fans who had eagerly awaited this moment. Maisie, too, couldn’t help but smile as she looked out at her devoted followers from all sides of the stage. The connection between artists and fans was palpable as they sang along with every word. Notable performances during the opening set included the captivating “Coming of Age” and the remarkable “Body Better.” Maisie even took a sentimental journey by performing the early song “Love Him, I Don’t,” evoking nostalgia and allowing the audience to witness her growth and evolution as an artist.

Throughout the spectacular event, Maisie Peters effortlessly demonstrated an undeniable connection with her loyal fans, emphasising her determination to engage with those seated at the front of the stage. Peters exuded confidence throughout her performance, seamlessly switching between her resonant vocals and the lyrical tunes strummed on her acoustic guitar. Despite the emotional lyrics about broken relationships that pervaded several of her songs, the 23-year-old performer revelled in the exuberant spectacle, evidencing a fantastic night.

Maisie Peters displayed her extraordinary talent throughout the event, leaving an indelible impression on the audience. Her mesmerising rendition of “You’re Just a Boy (And I’m Kinda the Man),” demonstrating her ability to produce a dynamic and compelling stage presence, was one of the memorable moments. Another highlight was her spellbinding rendition of “Run,” which took the Glasgow singer’s voice to new heights and captivated the audience.

Maisie had the crowd in the palm of her hand as the evening went on, entertaining them with a great blend of old and new songs, including fan favourites like “Not Another Rockstar,” “Blonde,” and “I’m Trying (Not Friends).” The concert reached its apex with the vibrant and contagious “Cate’s Brother,” before she wished her devoted fans farewell for the time being. However, there was no surprise when Maisie quickly returned to the stage, thrilling the audience with an electrifying performance of “History of Man” and finishing the event with the crowd-pleasing song, “Lost The Break Up.” Maisie’s apparent talent and ability to connect with her audience foreshadowed a future of continuous success and increased popularity. Fans should anticipate her to soar much higher as she continues to create incredible pop anthems that resonate profoundly with her devoted fan base. Maisie Peters is a force to be reckoned with, and her upcoming tour will definitely involve appearances in larger venues, making her an artist to keep an eye on.


Review & Photographs by James Edmond

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