CONCERT REVIEW : Glasvegas Kelvingrove Park 11th August 2023

Glasvegas and The KVB at the Bandstand in Kelvingrove Park 11th August 2023

This was my first time at the bandstand after it re-opened as a venue a few years ago. The impressive arena opened in 1924 so next year will be the centenary, he weather forecast was reasonable and it did stay dry for the full gig thankfully. The support act were The KVB, who are made up of Nicholas Wood and Kat Day, and the electronic act ran through an impressive setlist including their biggest song to date Always Then which has over 12 million streams on Spotify alone. Other songs in their setlist included Never Enough, Hands and New Star Line. The Bandstand was over half full for The KVB with the fans appreciating every song.

By the time Glasvegas took to the stage just after 9pm the arena was jam packed with the crowd anticipating hearing some songs from the new album Oddspeed which was released on 4th August. They didn’t disappoint as they played two songs from the new album: Keep Me a Space and Rush Hour (a cover of Jane Wiedlin’s song).

Glasvegas consists of James Allan (vocals & guitar), Rab Allan (lead guitar), Paul Donoghue (bass) and Jonna Lofgren (drums). The set began with The World is Yours which was a nice singalong moment, followed by Keep Me a Space, Lonesome Swan and Holiday and Travel Brochure. The band would play six songs from the self titled 2008 album Glasvegas, with the crowd singing every word back to them. Flowers and Football Tops is a song which takes the crowd on an emotional roller coaster and is dedicated to a young Celtic FC fan who tragically lost his life. Geraldine is by far the most streamed Glasvegas song with over 20 million streams. As is traditional with Glasvegas they played Daddy’s Gone as their last song, and it was a special moment for everyone in the arena. The crowd disappeared into the night satisfied what they had just witnessed with a decent setlist of 18 songs. Next up for Glasvegas are a few European dates and festivals in Antwerp, Hamburg, Berlin, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Glasvegas Setlist:

  1. The World is Yours 2. Keep Me a Space 3. Lonesome Swan  4. Holiday and Travel Brochures  5. You  6. Youngblood  7. Flowers and Football Tops  8. Be My Baby  9. Secret Truth  10. Euphoria  11. Cupid’s Dark Disco  12. If  13. Geraldine  14. Lots Sometimes  15. Go Square Go  16. Rush Hour  17. Its My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry  18. Daddy’s Gone

Review by Alan Brown

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