CONCERT REVIEW : Tori Amos o2 Academy Glasgow 14th March 2022

Tori Amos o2 Academy Glasgow 14th March 2022

The o2 Academy, at full capacity, were about to witness the legendary Tori Amos bringing her Ocean to Ocean tour to Glasgow, the venue usually half seated and half standing was transformed in to an all seated venue for tonight. On entering the venue, the varying accents from different parts of the UK and further afield could be heard as the chatter became lounder, the venue was filling up with fans eagerly waiting for the show to get underway.  

As she took to the stage she clasped her hand in front of her face to thank the fans for coming to the show. A full stage with grand piano and keyboards along with the two members of her band, Ash Sloan on drums and Jon Evans on bass guitar. As she sat down between the piano and keyboards she positioned her self to open the show with the excellent tripping Juarez, her perfect haunting vocals captured the atmosphere within the venue and had her adoring fans intrigued by the performance.

From the opening cords, Tori was breath-taking, playing the upbeat Bouncing off Clouds, treating the audience to Ocean to Ocean, Give and the excellent Josephine. The set list was varied, taking in songs across her career and also delighting her Glasgow fan base.

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  • Tori Amos - O2 Academy 14th March 2022
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  • Tori Amos - O2 Academy 14th March 2022

Highlights from the set included the amazing Etienne, Fathers Son and Addition of Light Divided, the fans were enjoying the big songs, singing along  as the set closed with the excellent Cornflake Girl that had the O2 Academy venue in full voice, for some fans it might have been the first time hearing the big hit live.  Leaving the stage for a short break, the waiting fans knew it wouldn’t be long before their idol would back on the stage.

On returning to the stage the returning trio were treated to a standing ovation from the Glasgow audience before the encore Spies before closing the set with the excellent Take to the Sky. The band had a rapturous applause from the audience before bowing and leaving the stage for the final time. The fans left with stars in their eyes as they had witnessed an amazing show from their hero Tori Amos in Glasgow. She entered the stage on a cloud and the band and audience left on the same cloud after a beautiful performance.

Review by Karen Edmond

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