James will be releasing their eighteenth album, titled Yummy, on April 12th. This album follows the familiar mold of previous albums, showcasing James’ lyrical mastery and captivating music. Yummy features powerful songs that will transport listeners on a journey through Tim Booth and James’ imaginations, bringing true stories to life through music.

The album begins with the fantastic track “Is This Love?” which immediately captures your attention with its traditional James style and thought-provoking lyrics about the concept of love. The harmonies on this song, a common feature in recent James releases, work extremely well and entice you to listen to the rest of the album. With poignant lyrics like “Are you scared of being alone or dreaming of escape? Who willingly accepts this pain? Why do we continue to stay?

The second track on the album is “Life is a Fucking Miracle,” featuring powerful lyrics that will surely be a mainstay in their live sets for years to come. With a great groove that will have you dancing along, this song is all about celebrating life’s triumphs. The opening lyrics, “I am another dumb fish in another dumb bowl, screaming in an echo chamber,” set the tone for what promises to be an incredible song.

The album’s first love song, “Better With You”, is a beautifully crafted piece with standout lyrics such as “If it all goes right, we’ll both be on that flight, drinking the Northern Lights as the planet reblooms.” Booth’s lyrical prowess shines through in this song, making it a highlight of the album. “Stay” is another standout track, touching on life struggles and the importance of perseverance. “Shadow of a Giant”, an epic album track, captivates listeners with its haunting piano intro and powerful harmonies. It feels like a live performance with an orchestra yet stripped down and polished to hold the listener in the moment. “Way Over Your Head” is a poignant song that delves into deep emotions and forces listeners to reflect on life’s complexities.

There are many standout tracks, but this one, “Mobile God”, catches your attention immediately. It addresses the challenges we face with technological advances, as well as how we often overlook the important things in life. The music is powerful and captivating from beginning to end. “Our World” lyrics touch on the environmental issues we must address for the survival of our planet, with lines like “How many ways can we kill ourselves? Plastics, oil, forever chemicals” and “Profit today from our children’s tomorrow.

“Rogue” returns to their traditional style with the next track from James, which features great guitar work and a fast pace. “Hey” stands out as one of the album’s more upbeat songs, with positive lyrics exploring the world of conspiracy theories made more accessible through technology and social media. “Butterfly” takes a stripped-back approach, showcasing beautiful harmonies. The album concludes with “Folks,” a slightly different track that still manages to seamlessly fit in with the rest of the album in a special way.

The album is a stunning piece of work, capturing your attention from the very first song to the final one. It offers something fresh, engaging, and captivating throughout. This music is sure to appeal to all music enthusiasts, showcasing the growth and development of Booth and his band over the years. Just like their previous album, All the Colours of You, this album is a timeless addition to any record collection.

Review by James Edmond

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