The series of Spear Of Destiny early recordings continues with the release of this double CD containing the Manor Mobile Sessions and Live At The Barrowlands 85.

The Manor Mobile Sessions‘ is a 8 strong collection of tracks pre ‘Outlands‘ and shows the band in a rawer and more simplistic mode. 4 of the tracks featured here made their way onto the ‘Outlands‘ album in a different variation, while 3 were bonus tracks on the CD version, as well as appearing as B-Sides on the singles. The other track is a superb cover of the Bob Marley classic “Get Up Stand Up“.

It is refreshing to hear the likes of “Whole World Waiting“, “Land Of Shame”, “The Traveller” and “Strangers In our Town” in this environment, and shows the band, although at a period of disarray, in some truly majestic moments.

Live At The Barrowlands‘ is a 73 minute collection of the band in full flight, playing a masterful set at one of the UK’s premier venue’s. Powering their way through 14 tracks, such as “World Service“, “Rainmaker“, “Mickey“, “Liberator“, and “Westworld“, the band provoke a stunning response from the audience who turn the concert at times into a singalong of amazing proportions.

Listening to this, and the crowd, you can visualise the crowd bouncing in unison, as the famous Barrowlands trampoline floor is tested to its full capacity. There is also a storming version of “Land Of Shame” included here, under its original song title “Attica“.

During their successful period of the 80’s, the band were often described as one of the best live bands around, and this recording certainly upholds this statement. Whether you are a devoted follower of Mr. Brandon’s music, or a curious bystander, this double CD is certainly worth a listen.

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