CONCERT REVIEW: Picture This O2 Academy Glasgow 24th October 2019

Photo Credit James Edmond

A packed O2 Academy filled mostly with young girls waiting to see their idols. This will be the second time the band have played the city this year, touring their MDRN LV album. The album and tour have made it in to the history books in the bands native Ireland, with the band selling out five consecutive nights at the 3 Arena, Dublin.

As the lights dimmed, the screams from the fans took the roof off the venue as they had their first sight of the band taking to the stage, within seconds Ryan Hennessy was at the front of the stage greeting his adoring fans. Tonight, Ryan was decked out in a grey suit and white t shirt, smiling as he went through the opening song, he gave the crowd what they wanted with his excellent vocal and energetic stage presence.

Ryan said “it was great to be back in Glasgow, you never let us down”  before playing their current single “One Night” having only been recently released, you would never have known this,  the fans were singing along word for word with Ryan,  backed with the band and a large screen illuminating a very colourful back drop.

Photographs of Picture This - O2 Academy Glasgow 24th October 2019 - Photo Credit James Edmond

You could see the emotion and excitement in Ryan’s facial expressions, looking up to the balcony and to the back of the venue as far as he could see, looking down at the young fans that has queued for hours outside to take up their place on the barrier. The energy he was giving from the stage transferred in to the audience, this didn’t take much, as this was for some, the first time seeing their Irish idols in the flesh.

The band played songs from their first album through to their latest, every song played was full of passion, with their fun attitude, and catchy pop songs, the crowd going wild. Ryan not taking anything for granted, thanked the audience every time he had a break in the set, standing at the rear of the stage in front of the drum kit, taking in every second of the atmosphere generated from the adoring fans.

Highlights from the show were tracks from MDRN LV including the title track and the likes of “You & I”, “Modern Love” & “Dance away with Me. This was a night to remember for the fans, and a phenomenal opening night of this part of the tour, the band went down a storm.

Picture this create the ultimate party atmosphere for their fans, both young and old, bringing the fun back to music, and  entertaining  a new generation.

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Photographs and Review by James Edmond