ALBUM REVIEW : Far From Saints – Far From Saints

Far From Saints – Far From Saints

In a surprising development, Kelly Jones, the highly acclaimed frontman of the popular band Stereophonics, has embarked on a collaborative side project known as Far From Saints. This unique endeavour sees Jones joining forces with the talented musicians Dwight A. Baker and Patricia Lynn, both known for their work in the Americana and folk band, The Wind and The Wave. The resulting sound of this union can best be described as a captivating fusion of Americana, folk, and rock, which perfectly complements the exceptional vocal abilities of Lynn and Jones.

The debut album, self-titled Far From Saints, showcases the impressive talents of its members, with each track resonating with a harmonious balance of folk and rock elements, highlighting the distinctive vocals of both Lynn and Jones. The melodies throughout the album soar with exquisitely crafted harmonies, inviting listeners on an enchanting musical journey. Jones’s renowned emotive power and depth harmonize seamlessly with Lynn’s captivating vocals, creating moments of sheer musical magic.

It is evident that the Americana and folk influences brought to the table by Baker and Lynn have enriched the sound of Far From Saints. Their collaboration with Jones has resulted in a unique and refreshing musical experience that transcends genres. Fans of Stereophonics and The Wind and The Wave alike will find themselves captivated by this unexpected venture, drawn to the masterful blend of Americana, folk, and rock showcased on the new album.

The album’s opening track, “Screaming Hallelujah,” impressively showcases the synchronization between Kelly Jones and Patricia Lynn. The seamless amalgamation of genres, ranging from indie to a more grounded, earthy sound, effortlessly complements the transition in style. Jones’s distinctive gravelly vocals perfectly suit the shift as the track veers towards a fusion of folk, rock, and a touch of Americana.

Faded Black Tattoo” is a captivating track that embodies a strikingly dark and moody essence, characteristic of Stereophonics. Renowned for their exceptional dual lead vocals, Kelly Jones and Patricia Lynn deliver a hauntingly mesmerizing performance that effortlessly draws listeners into their musical world. On the other hand, “Take It Through the Night” showcases a shift in dynamics as Jones takes a step back, allowing Lynn to seize the spotlight. With its classic rock undertones, this track exudes a timeless charm that is bound to resonate with festival-goers, encouraging them to stomp along to its irresistible rhythm.

The lead single, “Let’s Turn This Back Around,” showcases the immense talent of Kelly Jones and the duo of Dwight A. Baker and Patricia Lynn. This raw, introspective track delves into the complexities of a relationship on the brink of collapse, exploring the shifting dynamics and the possibility of redemption. The impeccable craftsmanship of this composition serves as a testament to the combined expertise of these musicians, effortlessly blending elements of folk, rock, and Americana to create a truly captivating piece of artistry.

The seamless transition from “Let’s Turn This Back Around” to “Gonna Find What’s Killing Me” captures the essence of storytelling within the album, reflecting a moment of introspection for the protagonist. The collaboration between Kelly Jones, Dwight A. Baker, and Patricia Lynn infuses elements of folk and rock, creating a captivating Americana sound. The cohesive flow between these tracks, with their cinematic quality, creates a narrative-like experience that engages listeners and enhances the overall storytelling ambiance of the album.

The album’s impressive range and depth is evident in the finely balanced combination of heavier elements and more restrained moments. The track “The Ride” stands out as an out-and-out rock number, showcasing the closest resemblance to Stereophonics’ signature sound while still maintaining an Americana vibe. Meanwhile, “Let the Light Shine Over You” stands as one of the most captivating tracks on the record, featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Kelly Jones and Patricia Lynn, accompanied by exquisite strings that further enrich the already expansive soundscape. The fusion of folk, rock, and Americana influences throughout the album attests to the exceptional musical talents of Kelly Jones and the production skills of Dwight A. Baker.

Far From Saints, the debut album from Kelly Jones, Dwight A. Baker, and Patricia Lynn, not only showcases a previously unseen side of Jones as both a lyricist and vocalist but also boasts extraordinary harmonies between Jones and Lynn that serve as the foundation of the record. However, the album offers much more than just harmonies. The production and musicianship on display throughout the album are stunning, resulting in a rich tapestry of textures waiting to be explored. The fusion of folk, Americana, country, and rock on Far From Saints is executed admirably across the ten tracks. It is our hope that this supergroup will continue to collaborate, as their chemistry and comfort with each other are evident.

Review by James Edmond 

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