Roachford – Twice in a lifetime – Album Review

If you are looking for an album that is filled with joy and emotion, you have stumbled upon this right now with the finest work to date from Roachford. An album that is complete with soulful spirits and lyrics. Some of his best work to date, sees the mature Andrew Roachford deliver an album that should be in every music lovers’ collection.

You may know Roachford for his hit’s “Cuddly Toy” and “Find me Another Love” in the 80’s, if your thinking what can this album bring to 2020, you will be pleasantly surprised. Twice in a lifetime offers your soul the freedom to soar across faraway lands with new emotions.

Opening with the gospel feel of “High on Love”, mixed with deep emotion and powerful lyrics, is a welcome light in these presently dark times. If you needed to grasp for hope this will certainly be the best recommendation. The album delivers thirteen songs of passion, with strong lyrics and the amazing soulful vocals from Andrew.

Songs that capture the heart and ease the pain are evident in the excellent “Love Remedy” and the soul classic of “Too Much to Lose”, you will feel the presence of love and build a stronger relationship through the guidance of Roachford.

Roachford himself has went through the emotions in recent years from career ending surgery to come out the other side and take life by the horns, this is evident within his lyrics on this album. His voice as strong, if not stronger than ever, shoots that arrow into the heart and starts the fire to bond any cracks.

The duet with Beverley Knight is just stunning with excellent harmonies and the tender emotion delivers the perfect balance to the album with the track “What We Had”.

There are so many standout songs to this album including “Are You Satisfied?”, “The Truth Hurts Too Much”, “once in a Lifetime” and the amazing “You’re The One”. This album is a celebration of life and misfortune, Andrew Roachford delivers a greatest hits album of the future in Twice in a Lifetime.

If there is one album you wanted to be tempted buy this is the one.  You will not be disappointed you will be glad you have this in your collection as it will be your sunshine on a rainy day.

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