The fourth album from the from the Sydney three piece, with the fans already receiving a taste from the album with the release of previous singles. The album has everything you expect from Tommy O’Dell and the lads and a lot more.

The album opens with the excellent How Many Dreams that has the footprint of everything you would expect with a more mature feel, that has developed their style over the years. The have the excellent lyrics and the guitar sound you associate with the sound of the DMA’s. Olympia follows down the traditional sound and going to be a great crowd pleaser having that bond on the live shows you can see this taking on a new phenomenon as the two join together. With the awesome lyrics and the brilliant indie guitar riffs.

The next two songs Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s The Weekend and Dear Future from the album seem to be dark in places but not in a bad way but more looking out to the future and finding your happy place through others. Both songs have moments of reflection but more with Dear Future but looking for the light for better times coming through. They really tug at the heartstrings as you listen to the songs that take a new direction every listen. They really grab you in to the album in a strange way looking for the answers. I Don’t Need To Hide is the song at lets new and old fans of the band hear the excellent vocals from Tommy with the beautiful intro to the song. You can feel the emotions coming through the music and lyrics it just stands out from the album.

Forever follows the same theme about picking yourself up and all the emotion as you explore love. It leaves you wondering about the answers. This is an album that goes deep into your head making you think about the present and the past. The album burst open again with more of the classic indie riffs and lyrics that has your foot tapping with delight to Fading Like A Picture, that will certainly be a must of the bands set list.

Jai Alai, a different start from the band with piano before the guitars and drum deliver a positive love song. Get Ravey sees the band take a different approach sees some beautiful guitar work and slightly Manchester vibe to the music. Really catchy song with great lyrics that just stays in your head. 21 Year Vacancy follows on with the DMA’s experimenting with music and production and creating a beautiful new sound to their music. The album closes with two songs that you would not expect on a DMA’s album with them exploring their electronic side that seems to blend togethering Tommy’s excellent vocals and delivers a more disco indie sound that you can hear in Something We Are Overcoming. The album closes with a bang and a track you would expect to hear in a club, a lot different but this just shows their wide range of influences.

This album you will play many times and hearing very different things from it. It takes you in to it and leaving you to find your own exit through the music and lyrics of the DMA’s.

Review by James Edmond

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