ALBUM REVIEW: Bloco Vomit – Never Mind The Bossa Nova

This is an album that you might think another compilation of old punk tunes. But no this is not what it is! The album is pure brilliant; it is hard to imagine punk music played with Samba! Well this is what this album is all about.

Do They Owe Us A Living? The original was done by Crass, this sounds really fresh with the samba beats running through the song and the vocals just sound the same as the Original.

Jilted John this is just amazing, the song was great the first time, this time the song is fresh and more powerful than the original.

Teenage Kicks this song give you the same feeling as it was first done it is so hard to explain the new feeling you get when you listen to this.

Police & Thieves If Joe Strummer could listen to this he would say that is the way it should have sounded all those years ago, the samba gives it more a Reggie feel which if you look back the Clash where trying to do in the original version. Not saying the original version was not a classic song. But this fresh approach is just great.

Pretty Vacant Still as strong and powerful as the Original, but all I can say is it is very 1998 up to date and still sounding great.

Metal Postcard / Siouxsie & The Banshees, Oh Bondage, Up Yours! / X Ray Spex, Love Lies Limp / Alternative TV, Gambinda Nova / Traditional, Should I Stay or Should I Go? / The Clash, Roadrunner / Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers & finally the last track D.T.’s In Droichead / Dudu Tucci. All I can say to everyone is try and get hold of this album for the fresh approach to punk Samba style. This is one great album and a must for everyone that is into punk music. Or should we say Samba Punk.