ALBUM REVIEW : Casino Rockets – Reality Distortion Field

Casino Rockets – Reality Distortion Field Album review

The debut album from Oxfords Casino Rockets, grips you from the first listen, using various styles there is something for everyone’s tastes. The album opens with the first single “Impala” that introduces you with the synths before exploding in to life with the strong guitar chords with strong vocals gives this the perfect introduction to the album. This is followed by the beautiful “People Like You” that really stands out with great rhythm, and a song you can see being a great live and fans favourite, with great breakdowns and has hints of early 80’s alt rock following through it. “Only Light Can Save You”, with its haunting synth and great vocals and the slow-paced guitar, giving the song a strong emotion and shows another side to the music of Casino Rockets.

 “Simpatico Thieves”, carries on same 80’s alt rock that can be heard with the likes of Then Jerico, strong vocals with a beautiful chorus with the repeating guitar and synth giving it a big sound and some great harmony with the backing vocals. “Fonzarelli”, is a track to sit back and let it take you on a journey with a great mix of guitars and synth. A strong build up to the chorus, with strong vocals that captures you before breaking down with a mix of The Cure type melody running through the track. “The Maker”, hints of Depeche Mode around their Questions of Lust Era big synth and hunting vocals.

“Black and Red” is my standout track from the album, the storming sound of reverberating guitar, this sounds like early Mission and building up with the drums, before the classic vocals overlap perfectly with the music, creating the correct balance that if you focus on one the other slides away. The 80 Alt sound is big within the song. This explodes into a sound you would resemble with the Manchester sound of the late 80’s early 90’s from the likes of the Stone Roses, with excellent guitar work before a reading over the top bring the song to a close.

The current single “Drive Me to Dusk” with its silky guitar and megaphone vocals gives it depth along with the swirling guitars and drums giving it a post punk / alternative feel of the late 80’s. The breakdowns and changing tempo grips you before going back to a more relaxing mode with the megaphone vocals. “Feel Me Now”, hints of The Jam with a Weller type vocals and the build up of guitars and bass, have you tapping your feet. The passion and feel to the song really capture you. The end of the song just explodes in to a wall of sound.  

The album closes with “Kachumber”, move back to the more synth dreamy sound that really bring the album to a perfect close. This is an album that will capture you as it slides in and out of various styles. The self-released debut Reality Distortion Field is available on vinyl or download from 21st May 2021

Reviewed by James Edmond

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