ALBUM REVIEW: The Kinks – Arthur or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire

The Kinks re-releases what was one of the best albums from 1969, in a special 50th anniversary edition box set. The album is held high on music lovers’ greatest albums of all time, widely viewed as both a masterpiece and quintessential Kinks. This is a very huge statement to take in but the boxset hosts 88 tracks including 5 unreleased tracks and versions. But for the serious listeners it comes with remastered Stereo and also a remastered Mono versions.

The original stereo / mono album features classics that you might never have listened too before, with the likes of “Victoria” an outstanding masterpiece that stands tall, being patriotic, looking after the land that he loves and would die for. Ray Davis’s vision was outstanding and to look into his lyrics will give you another view of what it was like back in 1969. As with “Some Mother’s Son”, you can feel the emotion and when you look at 1969, the Vietnam War was going on, where there was so many lives’ lost. This is a very emotional song about the death of a soldier, whilst looking into the grieving and emotions of a mother.

The album has so many dimensions to it, it is a boxset for the serious music collector, on the other hand it is a great introduction to the music of The Kinks and Ray Davis, not the mainstream sound but the richness and the talented writing skills of Ray Davis. Arthur features Victoria, Yes Sir No Sir, Some mother’s Son, Drivin, Brainwashed, Australia, Shangri-la, Mr Churchill Says, She Bought a hat like a Princess Marina, Young and Innocent Days, Nothing to Say and Arthur.

If you were looking for a detailed and intimate look inside one of music treasures you have it here in the form of this 50th anniversary box set. Featuring “Lost Dave Davis Album”, Demos, Rehearsals, BBC recordings and remixes. A boxset filled with so much, featuring the highly acclaimed Arthur or The Decline and Fall of The British Empire.

This is a digitally remastered masterpiece of The Kinks and Ray Davis.

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