Kirk Brandon formed Theatre Of Hate pre-Spear Of Destiny, and for a while TOH continued alongside SOD, thereafter reappearing occasionally through the years. But in Theatre Of Hate was a vehicle that carried many songs that were to be incorporated in the SOD live experience.

Released alongside the same series that is spawning the Psalm series, this double CD is a aggregation of some of the best tracks TOH made. ‘Live At Bingley Hall 82‘ captures the band at their most truculent and rebellious best. After this show, there were few other TOH live appearances as SOD took off, but this recording, a cluster of some of the bands finest moments, such as “Conquistador“, “Incinerator“, “Eastworld“, “Propaganda” and “Original Sin“, is a hypnotic and rousing testament to the bands contribution to Brandon’s other baby, Spear Of Destiny.

Retribution‘ was actually released in the USA in 1996 and is quite clearly a product of the influences Kirk Brandon was exposed to in his time in Philadelphia, where he had moved to. Written and recorded entirely there, there is an unmistakable American Rock style to this album, and also features versions of “Europa“, “Communication Ends” and “Propaganda“, as well as “Stone In The Rain” – a wonderfully polished ode to Kurt Cobain, which could be considered to be the highlight of this disc.

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