An Australian band which sings about Nuclear Disarmament, acid rain, unemployment, Aboriginal land rights, social and economic injustices, forest protection, whales, mining, landscapes….many people would walk away without listening, cos’ it doesn’t sound exactly like musical enjoyment. If you think like this YOU’RE WRONG in the case of Midnight Oil.

This is a band who are stubborn, in the sense of sticking to their beliefs and using the medium of music to get the messages across. Angry, yet articulate, startling, absorbing, peculiar, agitated, disturbing, powerful, fresh, defiant, with attitude and passion, Midnight Oil are the musical conscience of Australia, nay, the world. They are a band who are so committed to the causes they fight for and sing about, without falling through the trapdoor of political correctness or preaching – they sing and play with absolute conviction, opening people’s eyes to subject’s normally taboo in the music industry, avoiding the normal, attacking the social issues with anxiety and energy. The songs are melodic, hard driven rock, scratching an itch with repeated defiance.

They make no apology, nor should they have to, for their musical style and lyrical content is imaginative and invigorating. Tracks such as ‘The Dead Heart’, ‘One Country‘,’Truganini‘,’Kosciuszko‘ and ‘ Forgotten Years‘ are full of powerful images and spirit, anthems in their own right.

Stretching over almost 20 years, this album pulls together some of the Oil’s greatest statements right up to the present day and shows that they have avoided the easy route to musical success, preferring to stick to their beliefs and fears, and it is with credit that they have done this.

Turn up your volume with this playing and you will experience goose bumps. Hair rising on your arms and on the back of your neck as you travel through the journey with them as they whirl and crash with their unmistakeable individual energy and conviction. They are a band whose beliefs should see them producing more superb flag-waving statement hollering albums, but as an introduction to the Oils, this is the one to get.

Taken from Scotland Calling (Scottish Music Network)

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