Swedish dream-pop artist Rebecka Reinhard releases new single ‘A Pick’ today / ‘Whale EP’ out August 21st

With her highly-anticipated new EP ‘Whale’ set to land on August 21st through Crowds And Power, Swedish dream-pop artist Rebecka Reinhard now returns to share her latest single ‘A Pick’.

As an artist who looks to delve into the more subtle and minimal sounds assigned to the dream-pop genre, ‘A Pick’ sees her continue that bright and euphoric pursuit. Opting for a more broad and sweeping direction when compared to her recent offerings, her latest single tells the story of how something so small and sometimes insignificant can trigger a bad or unwanted memory, and what can be done to right the universe once again.

Speaking about the meaning behind ‘A Pick’, she said, “So I found this pick. A guitar pick. It was lying on the ground, face down and I obviously went to pick it up and when I flipped it over it had my ex’s name on it, in big black letters, just staring at me like a bad joke. I was still kind of in the process of getting over this person but instead of throwing the pick away I pocketed it and went home and wrote a song about it. Being a true Pisces, shredding the pick until it was all worn down and the name had started fading, I felt like that was the most vengeance I would get. And I felt pretty ok with that. A Pick encapsulates that feeling I often get of not getting things done the right way or being able to make sense of an overwhelming reality but faking it the best I can, hoping no one will notice.”

‘A Pick’ follows on from the collection’s title-track and single ‘No Release’ in previewing her new EP ‘Whale’, which will be released on August 21st through Crowds And Power. Recorded between London and the Swedish countryside, the record comes after a period of musical and personal discovery. Having left her native Stockholm, Rebecka found herself living in Paris, before relocating to London in 2014. It was there that her musical trajectory solidified, and in the summer of 2018, she started recording with producer Anders Källmark. ‘No Release’ is accompanied by a wonderfully lucid and cinematic visual directed by Malin Bernalt.

‘Whale’ EP tracklisting:

  1. Whale
  2. No Release
  3. A Pick
  4. Quit Your Day Job
  5. Stamford Hill
  6. Poison

Rebecka Reinhard’s music has previously been compared to the likes of Mazzy Star, and perhaps even those emanating out of the shoegazing movement that sprung up in the UK and US in the early 1990s. Reinhard hasn’t yet spoken about specific influences, although she listens to everything from hip-hop, punk, new wave, shoegaze, psych-rock, folk pop, jazz and northern soul. She also aligns herself with artists like Snail Mail, Mitski, Angel Olsen and Courtney Barnett and when she reveals that one day she’d love to open for PJ Harvey or Kurt Vile, we know this is just innocent conjecture on her part. Indeed, one listen to her new EP will convince you that she is the kind of artist that is making – and then breaking – her own rules and, ultimately, writing her own history.

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