Interview with Carlo “Karlo” Loglisci – Singer/Guitarist from The Blacklava

Tell us about yourself.

When did the band start?

In 2014! it was me, Mark (he played the guitar at the time), Gabry (the former bass
player) and we used the Logic Pro x Drummer. After two months, Diego (the drummer)
joined. Now we are Me (Voice and guitar), Mark (bassist), Diego (drums) and Fra (Guitar,
before he was our producer)

Where are you from?

From Turin. In the North of Italy

How did you start?

I started seriously when I was in high school. I studied various instruments but I specialized in singing studying at the Jazz singing conservatory.

What style of music do you class yourselves as?

Rock with Blues and Grunge influences

Who are the biggest bands influences?

Royal Blood, Audioslave, Blackstone Cherry,

Are you signed to a record label?

Yes. At the end of 2019 we signed with a German Label
“FrozenHerat Music

Plans for the year.

What are the bands plans for this year?

I can’t answer you right now. we had a lot of projects that we definitely couldn’t do now. In Italy we are in quarantine closed at home for Covid-19 from March 12th. all events are canceled and you can only go out to take the dog out, shop and for serious reasons.
the quarantine deadline is now April 3 but even if this proves true, public events will not
be able to do for a long time! So we are becoming social again but the situation changes
day by day so it is difficult to plan!

Do you have any tours booked?

We currently have some dates in May. March and April dates are all canceled. At the
moment, thinking about anything is impossible. The only thing you can do is stay home!
New releases?
On April 14 the official video of our latest song “Woman” will be released. Let’s say that
having a lot of time at home we prepared a lot of advertising material. We also made a
nice video that you can see on our Instagram and facebook page. since we are all in
quarantine we made a fake Playback video 🙂

Where do you hope to see yourself in 12 months’ time (realistic)?
We hope it ends as soon as possible and we hope that the state gives money to the art
department! During this period, musicians, club managers and event organizers are not
receiving any amount of money! I hope there will be some clubs left to play after the
quarantine. Difficult to make predictions.

Questions to close with.


What can people expected from your stage show if they are coming to see you live?

To have fun! our live shows are energetic and fun!

Give us one word that you would describe your band?


If there was one sentence that would relate to your band as a selling point what would it

One of our reviewers expressed who we are better than us!Fantastic retro rock from Italy,
blending the best of the 70’s and the 90’s.

Lastly, tell us your ambitions for the next 12 months?

Play in many clubs and have fun with our fans!

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