Shattered is located in the Tampa, Florida area and founded in 2014. Its very hard to describe the type of metal we play because it’s a mix of Hardcore, Thrash, Death Metal and a old school / new school twist. Everyone in the band are veteran musicians and bring that special dynamics to the band that makes us so unique.

Tell us about yourself.

When did the band start?

Shattered started in 2014.

Where are you from?

We are from Tampa Bay , Florida, USA

How did you start?

I, Tony Pettry was in a band and wanted to play heavier music and more of my style so I started Shattered.

What style of music do you class yourselves as?

Shattered has been called Thrash / Black Metal with a very unique mixture of old school and new school metal .

Who are the biggest bands influences?

My personal influences are King Diamond, Danzig, Kiss, and so many more..

Are you signed to a record label?

We are not officially signed but we do work with a label named From The Depths Entertainment.

Plans for the year.

What are the bands plans for this year?

We plan to release our Skinwalker Album.

Do you have any tours booked?

Nothing booked yet but soon as the album is done we will start booking.

New releases?

Skinwalker will be released soon.

Where do you hope to see yourself in 12 months’ time (realistic)?

Enjoying our new album and sharing our music with everyone.

Questions to close with.


What can people expected from your stage show if they are coming to see you live?

Shattered not only plays but we have a good stage show making you ask yourself whats next?

Give us one word that you would describe your band?


If there was one sentence that would relate to your band as a selling point what would it be?

Shattered is a band with its style of its own.

Lastly, tell us your ambitions for the next 12 months?

Working hard and getting noticed.

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