Album No. 2 see’s Paw trimmed down to a three-piece, but Charles Bryan’s departure does not result in the power output decreasing – it’s gone up! 15 brilliant tracks blast out of your speakers taking you on a journey of musical brilliance. Following on from the debut album “Dragline“, this offering see’s Mark Hennessy’s growling vocals even more to the fore, backed up by Grant Fitch’s thundering guitars and his brother Peter Fitch’s pounding drums, to create an album of frenzied excellence.

Opening with the metal/punk of ‘No Such Luck‘ the scene is set for a collection of strong loud compositions, such as ‘Hope I Die Tonight‘, ‘Max The Silent’, ‘Swollen‘ and ‘Sunflower’. The title track is in a similar vein, but with a exotically sweet twist of soft acoustic guitar and gently carefully spoken vocals in the midsection, splintering open the furious pace of the track, before building back up into a thunderous crescendo.

Don’t let me make you think it’s all one way traffic tho’ – there is a few mellow tracks, which add to the whole aura of the album, for instance check out the glorious ‘Sweet Sally Brown‘ and ‘Built Low‘ for the tender, thoughtful and caring side of Paw and the likes of ‘Texas‘ and ‘Badger‘ for the “alternative” aspect. Essentially however, this is a Rock album as Rock albums should be made – Loud, Angry, Brash, Gravelly vocals, Passionate, Powerful……GET IT OR REGRET IT!!

Taken from Scotland Calling (Scottish Music Network)

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