ALBUM REVIEW : DMA’s Live at Brixton

DMA’s – Live at Brixton

It seems like so many years ago since Covid 19 shut down the live music scene, this album was recorded just before the lockdown on the 6th march 2020 in front of a 5000 sold out audience in the Brixton Academy London. The fans were here to witness biggest headlining show in the UK in the bands career. The album doesn’t recreate the memories it brings them to life, the recording is crisp sharp and not over produced bringing out full live concert emotion in the one album.

The album captures the best of the bands three albums including standout tracks from the recent release The Glow. Opening the set with the massive Feels Like 37, you could feel the emotion through the album of the crowd and band coming together, with the pounding kick drum driving through your chest, like you would feel in the Brixton Academy. Followed by “Dawning” & “Too Soon”, you can feel the energy growing between the band and Brixton audience.

The standout tracks from the Album include “Silver” from The Glow Album, “Step Up the Morphine” & “Delete” from Hills End Album, Live at Brixton has everything and more. The production on the album has to be one of the best live recording well balanced between crowd noise the band. It is difficult to remember what a live music event was like this is 99% close to what It was like.

The album is a must for DMA’S fans and music fans across the board, it has something for everyone, if you want to experience a live show again this is a must listen on surround sound or through headphones and you are there, only thing missing is the sweat, as it has the emotion, passion and the energy.

‘Live at Brixton’ tracklist:


‘Feels Like 37’


‘Too Soon’

‘Hello Girlfriend’


‘Time & Money’

‘The Glow’

‘The End’

‘Step Up The Morphine’


‘Life Is A Game of Changing’

‘In The Air’

‘Tape Deck Sick’

‘Play It Out’


‘Lay Down’

‘Your Low’


Review by James Edmond

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