Catherine Wheel – Interview with the band

Scotland Calling (Scottish Music Network) Interview with the band

SMN: – Where are you based?

Dave: – When we started we were all living in Lowestoft and Gt. Yarmouth in East Anglia. Times have changed though. I’m actually doing this email interview from my home in Ohio, USA where I live with my American wife. Brian lives in Wales. Rob spends a lot of time in London, while Neil still resides near Gt. Yarmouth. It’s good because when the band has time off, like now, we all retreat to our own space.

SMN: – What are your plans for the future releases? Or should I say what is Mercury / Fontana plans for the future releases?

Dave: – We are no longer with Mercury or Fontana. We left them last year. Just last month we signed to Columbia for North America and Japan, while we are signed to Chrysalis for everywhere else. Columbia may re-release “Adam and Eve” in N. America as Mercury did a very poor job promoting it. But it’s early days yet. They may just wait until we have a new album out next year. There may be a new single in the UK. “Satellite” has been remixed for a possible release, but again the plans are tentative.

SMN: – Will you be touring soon?

Dave: – No. We toured “Adam and Eve” from August last year through to June so we’re taking a break from touring for a while. We have a festival in Belgium on August 30th but that’s about it as far as live shows go.

SMN: – From Catherine Wheel history on your website in 1990 you where into the Stone Roses and My Bloody Valentine etc so what are you into now?

Dave: – Stone Roses, My Bloody Valentine, No, only joking, although Ian Brown’s album is good. I still play my Joy Division records on a regular basis. We all have an eclectic taste. I guess Talk Talk is Rob and Neil’s biggest influence. Brian has been known to play the occasional Jethro Tull CD on the tour bus. I went to see The Human League yesterday and they were fantastic.

SMN: – Your last release in the UK was Happy Days in 1995 had it become apparent by this time that we in the UK did not appreciate a home talent?

Dave: – Just to put the record straight, “Adam and Eve” came out in May and we toured the UK extensively for it. For “Happy Days” we also toured the UK but it was obvious Fontana, and certainly the music press, weren’t behind us as much as they should have been so we felt more at home in North America where we could play to 3000 people in places like Toronto.

SMN: – Has the website brought a lot of new fans in?

Dave: – It’s hard to gauge, but by the e-mails we receive we certainly reach corners of the earth where we have never, and probably will never play. Like Venezuela, and Indonesia. Not what we think as prime Catherine Wheel countries!!!

We would like to thank you very much Dave for taking the time out from your break to do this interview with us, we wish you all the best with your new record label and hope to see you all soon over here in the UK. Interviewed by James Scotland Calling (Scottish Music Network)  

Taken from Scotland Calling Fanzine (Scottish Music Network)

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