NEW SINGLE : London Solo Artist Leo Clarke Announces Technicolour New Single ‘All Things to Somebody’

Leo Clarke – All Things to Somebody

(Released 11th February 2022)

Having spent more than ten years touring as a session musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer Leo Clarke has spent the last couple of years focusing more on his own music. Citing a fascination with arrangement as one of his main motivators, it hasn’t been time wasted.

Having honed his sound, Leo now crafts bubbling, technicolour sonic landscapes that instantly evoke visions of warmer climes; somewhere a far cry from the London bedroom studio in which the music is created.

Following on from his debut EP Petroleum Dandelion, his new single ‘All Things To Somebody’ marks new territory for Leo, exploring new textures and sounds that feel instantly at home within the warm of Clarke’s catalogue, while offsetting the laid back tropical grooves with his personal musings and frustrations on the pressures of modern existence.

“All Things To Somebody’ is a song written out of frustration with modern expectations of possessions, wrist-watches, cars, marriage, incomings, outgoings, bravado, netflix, iphones and mortgages and how these things dictate our social worth.” Clarke explains “I found myself regularly weighed down by all this and wanted to air my frustrations and hopefully reassure others in the only way I know how.”

Indeed, it’s a weight that Clarke seems well and truly free from, with ‘All Things to Somebody’ being a bright and breezy return for the London based artist.

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