NEW SINGLE : Gunke – ‘Football’ Glasgow solo act’s passionate piece of punk fuelled indie rock

‘Football’ is the raw, explosive second single from Glasgow based solo artist Gunke that discusses the anxieties of not fitting channelling that into a churning slice of head nodding energy and a chant along chorus that will resonate with so many that have felt socially outcast (“Football? Softball? I don’t know the difference”).


It’s a passionate piece of punk fuelled indie rock that vibes on abrasive 90s alt-rock and early 00’s guitar band sounds, creating a powerful energetic tone to counteract the disparate isolation behind the lyrics.

Gunke is the solo creative efforts of Luc Grindle (Dutch Wine, HEYUP, Moonsoup), which aims to bring out the brighter, more optimistic side of punk rock.

Taking strong influence from the likes of The Cribs, Yuck and early Bombay Bicycle Club hits, this is one sure to be left humming their tunes for days to come.

“‘Football‘ took a long time to mature as a song; four years of recordings in fact!


“I didn’t really engage in sports growing up, so often felt out of my depth when conversing with friends who would talk about last night’s game or whatever; I made the chorus with football chants in mind as way to a kind of counteract that notion.


“I took a lot of inspiration from The Cribs during the writing process, a lot of their fans are football lads, despite the band having no interest in the sport, I found that quite fitting to pay some kind of homage to.”


‘Football’ was written by Luc Grindle, Melissa Brisbane and Jack Boyle. Performed, recorded and mastered by Luc Grindle. Mixed by Melissa Brisbane. Video was filmed by Christopher Devine. Edited by Luc Grindle.

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