NEW SINGLE : Glasgow’s Hound set to release punchy powerpop gem ‘Take Off’

Hound ‘Take Off’

GoldMold Records


Release: 30 September 2022 

” A bit American lo-fi, a bit Cribs-esque and a bit late 90s transit van band. None of them bad things in our book” – Steve Lamacq

Glasgow’s four-piece Hound return with new single ‘Take Off’ and it’s a fun slab of delicious powerpop that’s full of nostalgia yet feel completely fresh.


’Take Off’, which is released on Glasgow DIY label GoldMold Records, is brims with optimism as vocalist Zack Manson weaves a story through jaunty chant along lyrics and hooky “wu ohs” about building trust and comfort in a partner. The track itself doubles down on that optimism with bouncy buoyant rhythms and guitar work evocative of the more playful end of 90s slacker college rock.

Taking influence from artists including Weezer, Pavement, Paraquet Courts and Yuck and coming from a background of playing in bands from a dream pop, shoegaze and post punk background Hound have refined their own sound.


Hound have gained airplay on BBC6 Music with their smooth and upbeat chord progressions, angular leads and a direct and honest style of lyricism with subjects of loved ones, halcyon days and awkward moments, drawing from the the old cute teenage heart and bringing it forward.


Hound are a breath of fresh air, they come with no pretences, no self indulgence and no agenda, they smack of a band having fun and it’s god damn infectious.


“‘Take Off’ has quite a punchy hits, but was a long time coming I liked the sentiment behind it, but couldn’t get it right until it was brought to the band, the way we structured it made the song stand out. I’m really glad we persevered because it was definitely one that might sit on the shelf unfinished.


“The gist of it is feeling quite close to someone that cares about you and feeling very comfortable and able to talk to them about whatever. It was was very much inspired after a notable couple of conversations between me and my partner at the time, which made us both feel close and trust in each other and together, it was quite a nice moment.”

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