ALBUM REVIEW : Ozzy Osbourne – Patient No 9


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Album Review – Ozzy Osbourne – Patient No 9 

 September 9th sees the release of The Prince of Darkness’s 13th solo album , his second in 2 years and the follow up to 2020’s Ordinary Man.

Ordinary Man had a host of guest musicians , and Patient No 9 follows the same successful pattern.

The lead single and first song on the album was also called Patient No 9 and never were the lyrics more apt for the man himself . “When they call your name ,better run and hide” he sings and Ozzy seems to have been pretty adept at hiding given his recent and current ongoing health issues. Despite being 73 years of age and recently having been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease he has come up with a hum dinger of an album , although a small gripe is it runs on a bit towards the end of it . 

Longtime friend and guitarist  Zak Wylde plays on 4 tracks , Jeff Beck on a couple , Pearl Jams Mike McCready on another.

 Also featuring is Eric Clapton on the song “One of those Days “ and without reading any credit notes you immediately know it is him with his beautiful bluesy style. 

Tony Iommi lets rip on 2 tracks on the album both complete standouts , “ No escape from now” and “Degradation Rules “ both doom and gloomy driven tracks showcasing Iommi’s bruising metal guitar playing .

Reading pre release press articles there would also appear to be other non credited appearances on the album from Duff McKagan , Rob Trujillo of Metallica , Chad Smith of Chilli Peppers and the recently departed Taylor Hawkins . 

The two stand out tracks on the album for me Parasite featuring Zakk Wylde & “No escape from now “ with Tony Iommi .

Ozzy shows no sign of letting up despite his personal issues and a rumoured move back tome to Britain as he appears scunnered with the USA and its ongoing issues . 

Hopefully , fingers and everything else crossed that his frequently postponed tour takes place on the new dates issues for 2023 , as the new sounds will no doubt be superb live.

Track Listing 

  1. Patient No 9 …featuring Jeff Beck 
  2. Immortal …featuring Mike McCready 
  3. Parasite ..featuring Zakk Wylde
  4. No Escape From Now ..featuring Tony Iommi
  5. One Of Those Days .. featuring Eric Clapton
  6. A Thousand Shades ..featuring Jeff Beck 
  1.  Mr Darkness …featuring Zakk Wylde 
  2. Nothing Feels Right ..featuring Zakk Wylde
  3. Evil Shuffle ..featuring Zakk Wylde
  4. Degradation Rules ..featuring Tony Iommi 
  1. Dead And Gone
  2. God Only Knows 

Released 9th September 2022 produced by Andrew Watt

Review by Craig Cooper

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